Michelle Anderson Interviews Indy Gubernatorial Candidate Samme Bailey, 10/15

Michelle Anderson: North of Bangor

Independent Gubernatorial Candidate Samme Bailey

Last week, I met with Samme Bailey, Independent candidate for governor, in Bangor, at Governor's Restaurant, to discuss his view of the situation Maine finds itself in, and how he believes he can help to change that situation if he is elected Governor.

We discussed the economic state of affairs in Aroostook County, what we need to do about the outflow of our "best and brightest," and economic recovery.

"We have, for the past 50 to 100 years, let large companies come in...but we don't require their management to be there. It's always out of state management. So when...the company gets ready to go under, you don't have any management expertise that can continue it. And that culture needs to change."

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