The 15 safest states to live in

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The 15 safest states to live in

The results of CQ Press's annual State Crime Rankings are in and, for some states, the results are reassuring. For nearly two decades, these rankings have shown how the 50 states compare against the national average for six crimes: murder, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary and motor vehicle theft.

1. New Hampshire
2. Vermont
3. North Dakota
4. Maine
5. Idaho

Interesting how 3 of the top 5 are in the most northeastern part of the country.

Tony Bessey
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I think it is more

I think it is more interesting that three of the top 4 have high gun ownership rates. Vermont has not concealed gun law allowing anyone without a felony conviction to carry concealed, wile Maine and New Hampshire have "shall issue" systems that make it hard for politicans and Liberal Law Enforcement Officers to withhold permits.

Vic Berardelli
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Interesting that ALL five

Interesting that ALL five border Canada, NOT Mexico!

Mike Lange
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I guess it depends on which

I guess it depends on which part of Maine you live in. I used to feel a lot safer 10 or 15 years ago before the drug traffickers from Massachusetts decided to expand their customer base.

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Note too that all five have

Note too that all five have very cold winters. Criminals prefer the temperate climes.

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I don't think that theory is

I don't think that theory is going to hold water from this past winter anyway. I noticed that on a lot of days that the temperatures were the same within a few degrees from here to Pensacola, Florida and all places in between. I was monitoring New York City, Maryland, South Carolina, Florida, & Vermont. I was doing this just because I have friends and family in all these places so it gave me a wide area to monitor. The one thing I noticed this week was that this week was when we were closing in on 80, my sister in South Carolina was closing in on 90 on the same day, but my friend in Florida was still in the 60s and we were all in the sun.

I think population and confined spaces might play more into these crime rates more over anything else in most cases.

Roger Ek
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The FBI says that Maine is

The FBI says that Maine is the safest state.

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AUGUSTA, Maine — Updated U.S.

AUGUSTA, Maine — Updated U.S. Census figures released today show that Maine is the whitest and oldest state in the nation, two trends that could have significant policy implications.

Maine and Vermont have consistently traded the distinction of the nation’s least racially diverse state,

Bangor Daily News

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Quote:The FBI says that Maine

[quote]The FBI says that Maine is the safest state.[/quote]

Only if you do not count Augusta and local government as criminal concerns...

Mike Travers
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Augusta, Maine - Chicago on

Augusta, Maine - Chicago on the Kennebec.

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