2016 hottest year on record, 16 of 17 hottest years this century

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Terrifying insect-sized

Terrifying insect-sized robots could render humanity EXTINCT 'by the end of this century', expert warns


In a new book, Louis del Monte, a physicist from Minnesora warns that these tiny weapons - dubbed 'nanoweapons' - could lead to the most destructive world war yet which could spell the end for humanity.

And this isn't just a long-term worry, as Mr del Monte has warned that the tiny weapons could render humans extinct by the end of the century . . .

. . . Although Mr del Monte comments that some of his predictions might sound like they are right out of Star Trek he says that 'factually a new arms race is under way.'

'The superpowers of the future will be those nations with the most capable nanoweapons', he claims. 

The scientist said so. Plan accordingly. 

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Science with a tax attached

Science with a tax attached is a scam.


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