About 300 Maine guardsmen to be deployed to Arizona

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About 300 Maine guardsmen to be deployed to Arizona
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About 300 Maine guardsmen to be deployed to Arizona

with empty magazines :?

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What makes you assume that they will even be allowed to carry GUNS?

I fully expect that they will be subjected to a TSA strip search prior to deployment and their jack knives and fingernail clippers confiscated before they are allowed to assume their positions.

Perhaps they will be issued shovels to dig ditches with and white flags to wave to the Mexican Commandos when they come to rob and molest them at their leisure. Of course they will have to surrender the shovel on demand to any Mexican wetback who demands it, and bend over should said wetback want to spank them with it. Non-fluency in Spanish will be no excuse in a court-martial for non compliance.

Gee; I sure hope none of our Guardsmen inadvertently "offend" any of the Reconquistadore's; US Komrade Attorney Johnny Slutton will clap them in the hoosgow for a dozen years or so and the offended invader will get $5million, free citizenship, and a "get out of jail free" card for life.
Our government, in it's infinite wisdom and compassion, might even resettle him in the Guardsman's house and assign him the Soldier's Wife as his personal servant.

Absurd?; perhaps... but I would not put it past this administration one iota.

Furthermore, I expect that those "roads" that they will be building will be going South to North, for the convenience of Drug runners and Jihaddists who choose to commute to and from work.

Or to and (much more quickly) away from ground zero.

About 300 Maine guardsmen to be deployed to Arizona

[b]Illegal immigrants allowed at least five strikes[/b]
Border-crossings guidelines revealed amid probe into U.S. attorney firings


Complete coverage of immigration issues Documents released in the controversy about eight fired U.S. attorneys show that federal prosecutors in Texas generally have declined to bring criminal charges against illegal immigrants caught crossing the border — until at least their sixth arrest.


About 300 Maine guardsmen to be deployed to Arizona

[quote="Bobbo"]with empty magazines :?[/quote]

They may leave Maine with empty magazines, ...

About 300 Maine guardsmen to be deployed to Arizona

[quote]FROM THE ARTICLE: The troops will assist immigration and border agents with administrative and engineering projects, but are not involved in law enforcement activities to crack down on illegal immigration and drug trafficking.[/quote]

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The hypocracy

In a time where we have in place an executive order by the governor to turn a blind eye to the illegal aliens amongst us, to send our guard, thousands of miles, unarmed, to prevent illegal aliens from entering our southern border is just plain wrong. Unless our guard is allowed to be fully armed it should never deploy for what amounts to federal community service. This is a very dangerous political game in which our national guard should not participate under the existing rules or "non engagement".

After seeing border guards thrown with the Mexican government pushing for it behind the scenes, its radically wrong to subject our guard to this type of activity. Sooner or later the guard will be fired upon and people will be killed and wounded. Hopefully its not our unarmed guard that will be subjected to this humiliation.

I for one think that the Maine National Guard should tell bush to shove it up his arse. No weapons, no deployment, full stop.

Whats next? Disarm all border patrol agents and give them taco carts to feed illegals on their way across?

If for nothing else, Bush should be impeached for his open border policies. Our RINO president, what a joke.


About 300 Maine guardsmen to be deployed to Arizona

[b]Arizona desert will provide familiar terrain for Maine soldiers[/b]
March 24, 2007

PORTLAND, Maine --Many of the Maine National Guard soldiers headed to Arizona will be familiar with the desert landscape.


"We won't have weapons and no one will be shooting at us, hopefully," Drummond said. "It'll definitely be lower-key than over in the other desert -- the desert across the ocean."


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