Is That All There Is?

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Is That All There Is?

On its web site, the BBC showed a picture of the “Oldest Human Ancestor.” It didn’t look like any of my relatives or my wife’s either. In a black and white photo taken through a microscope it resembled the central figure Edvard Munch’s painting: “The Scream” with what look like two eyes and a mouth that’s wide open. It’s tiny — only a millimeter, or .039 inches. Scientists claim it was “covered with a thin, relatively flexible skin and muscles, leading the researchers to conclude that it moved by contracting its muscles and got around by wriggling.”

Some of my relatives behave that way. Scientists also observed that, “It’s most striking feature is its large mouth, relative to the rest of its body.” That’s another feature sometimes pointed out in members of my family. The kicker, however, was this: “The researchers were unable to find any evidence that the animal had an anus, which suggests that it consumed food and excreted from the same orifice.” Almost everyone has relatives like that. Skeptical that such a tiny creature could be our common ancestor, that helped me consider it.

The creature is called Saccorhytus and it lived 540 million years ago in the Cambrian period, probably between two grains of sand on the sea floor in what is now China. It was a dull life. I would have had fun with this story if I were still teaching the “Beginnings” unit with which I used to start the school year every September. Students learned about the two prevailing concepts most Americans believed about our origins: creation and evolution.

We compared and contrasted them. They were similar in the order of events: Creation began with sea life, then other creatures, and lastly, humans -- which is what evolutionists contend. However, day four of creation is when stars and other heavenly bodies were made which is after life appeared, and that’s different from Big Bang/Darwinism. Time periods were vastly different too. Also, creation lent some meaning to it all, but not Big Bang/Darwinism.

Sometimes, students debated formally. The creationist side always contended there was no explanation in the Big Bang theory about how the exploding object got there, whereas the Judeo/Christian/Muslim creation story claimed God created the universe “ex nihilo” or “out of nothing.” Neither did Darwin explain what was at the beginning of the march of evolution. In his recent book Kingdom of Speech, Tom Wolfe describes a conversation had Darwin with students:

The students had the sort of naive, unbridled, free-floating curiosity most youths unfortunately rein in far too early in life. They wanted to know some small but fundamental details about the moment Evolution got underway and how exactly, physically, it started up — and from what?

That’s what I loved about teaching my eighth graders. They still had that, but back to Wolfe:

Darwin had apparently never thought of it quite that way before. Long pause… and finally, ‘Ohhh,’ he said, ‘probably from four or five cells floating in a warm pool somewhere.’ One student… wanted to know where the cells came from. Who or what put them in the pool? An exasperated Darwin said, in effect, “Well I don’t know. Isn’t it enough that I’ve brought you man and all the animals and plants in the world’

…Darwinism avoided the question of how the world developed ex nihilo. Darwin often thought about it, but it made his head hurt. The world was just… here.

Read more here.

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Interesting that you should

Interesting that you should post this today. Last night I enjoyed a rerun of Inherit the Wind with Spencer Tracy and Frederick March. As you may know it was a film based on the Scope's Monkey trial in the days when Darwin's creationism flourished and competed with the biblical version of the origin of the species. As we have drifted more and more toward secularism we have not only poo-pooed the obvious mythology of the bible but also its law for survival as laid down in the book of Deuteronomy.

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The tremendous error on the

The tremendous error on the side of the proponents of evolution (particularly Bill Nye) is that they push not just that evolution is right, but that there is there is no way that it is compatible with any kind of religion, so if you believe in Creation, you Are Wrong and your faith Is Wrong.

You can't convince people of a scientific idea if the very first thing you do is take a dump on their religion.

Two salient points:
1) If you remove Bill Nye from the discussion, evolution doesn't preclude the existence of God. It might poke at the timeline specified in the bible, but so does the theory of plate tectonics, and nobody really has a big issue with that.

2) Creationism/ID isn't even science, the way it's been presented. If you presume that all species were created at once, and you ask, "why does species X have this feature?" The answer is, well the Intelligent Designer made it that way. Since we can't ever know anything about the design pattern, then no theory can ever be validated or refuted... thus it's not a science.

E.G. "Why do men have nipples?" "Because God screwed up. Stop asking questions."

3) With all seriousness, it's the mistakes in evolution that give it scientific weight, because an Intelligent Designer presumably wouldn't make mistakes, unless part of the process of creation was *evolving variants and throwing out the ones that didn't work*, which is just evolution.

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There is a logical proof

There is a logical proof there is no God and some, like Einstein, discover it but recognize that if they try to convince those who believe in a God that created the universe and everything in it would lose the few friends they have. The unfortunate fact is that those who still believe in God have been convinced to also believe in Government (Them). When they lose belief in God by starting to think they are trapped behind the fact that Government has been able to answer their prayers and they become trapped in the system the Progressives have created.

As to the proof, if those of you who want it, just send me a private message on this blog with your email address and I will share it with you.

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"As to the proof, if those of

"As to the proof, if those of you who want it, just send me a private message on this blog with your email address and I will share it with you"
Thanks, but no thanks. I've seen plenty of examples that there is indeed a God during my 64 years of thought-filled living. It's not a topic of discussion that will sway a single soul who sees himself as his own God however.

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That is worthy of a :

That is worthy of a :

Drum Roll and Rimshot !

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Aren't you even curious

Aren't you even curious enough to see it so you can refute it or do you believe it is the truth but don't want to admit it. There are millions of Buddhists, Shintoists and believers in Confucius who deny your God and particularly Jesus as more than a prophet. Or, do you just believe these people are misguided but will lend up in heaven because they don't know any better so long as they behave the way you want them to?

There is an explanation for everything if you take the time to learn it but if you don't want to invest the time there is always God who will suffice.

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No, pmconusa, since the God

No, pmconusa, since the God of the Bible doesn't offer belief in Him at the point of a sword, one cannot argue His existence as tangibly as one can argue that water is wet.

Finding the Creator God requires an honest skeptic who seeks the truth and is willing to accept what he finds through faith, but also through the evidences provided by archeology and history. I became even more enlightened by studying history of various religions and can see their relationship to the traditional Biblical world view.

I understand several reasons people embrace other religions, all are faith based myths to include evolution.

There are millions of Buddhists, Shintoists and believers in Confucius, and evolutionists,

There, I fixed that for you.

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"Thou shalt have no other God

"Thou shalt have no other God before you", Deuteronomy, the Ten Commandments. "He that believeth in me shall dwell in Paradise", somewhere in the New Testament I can't cite the exact chapter and verse. Since the Muslims adopted the Ten Commandments these threats apply to them as well. They infer of course that the consequences are eternal damnation. Christ gave us an out by allowing you do what you like and if you repent in the end He will allow you to enter Paradise with hi9m. It is all covered in the story of the two thieves who joined Him on the hill of Calvary.

I should have clarified by statement of proof by saying it only relates to the fact that nothing created the universe because it was always here but in a ever changing form which has a scientific proof. In other words, there may be Supreme Being but He wasn't the Creator because the Universe already existed. If there is anything such as a Supreme Being, we are it and our conscience is what controls our interactions with our fellow man. At birth, it is vacant and knows only what is senses outside the womb. They are of course sight, sound, touch and smell. How we interpret what these senses tell us is a learned characteristic. That learning comes from those whom we come in contact with as we go through life. It is why those who would have us believe what we tell them in the mode of do as I say, not as I do, want to get their proselytes as early as possible so they cannot be exposed to the truth of what is required to live peacefully with one's fellow believers and is so clearly and simply laid out in the Ten Commandments. It is our conscience and if you can be convinced their laws conform to the Ten Commandments they can have it both ways just in case. That is to steal legally and in the end repent for their sins. It results in enjoying Paradise on earth and hedging your bets on the hereafter.

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