Another Fraud and Violation of the Constitution by "Ears"

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Another Fraud and Violation of the Constitution by "Ears"

I am startled about how devious, crooked, un-American and vile Obozo and his utterly despicable followers can and have been over the years. The latest scam I just read about is called..."Sue and Settle". Under this fraud, Obozo and his administration would invite some of his favorite special interest groups to sue the EPA and the EPA would quickly surrender and agree to settle for cash and pay all kinds of money to the special interest group. This tactic allowed Obozo to send piles of moolah to the group and then he could write regs and rules in compliance with the demands of the tree huggers, snowflakes.

Not only is this outright theft of taxpayers funds, this phony president (small P) circumnavigated Congress and made his own laws....but, he is known for that.

Trump's administration is stopping that practice.

Don't you just love Democrats.

Will the virus that was Obozo's rule ever be known in full?

Sue and Settle

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Trump did not stop the

Trump did not stop the practice of making law, its just that his laws favor different folks. The President, under the Constitution, is required to enforce ALL the laws passed by Congress. He cannot choose to enforce some and not others. If the Congress gave the Executive the authority to make law, they have violated the Constitution in that such a power cannot be delegated.

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