another homosexual agenda thread, yawn...

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another homosexual agenda thread, yawn...

Anyone who has heard of God’s judgment on the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah might ponder their sin that caused such an immediate and consuming response to their choices.

Like it or not, The Bible condemns homosexuality and a variety of other sexual appetites that are pursued outside of His sacrament of marriage, one man, one woman, one lifetime, being the ideal. In the Torah, God condemns cross dressing and the myriad of the lifestyles embraced in LGBTQ indulgences.

Divorce was not part of the original desire for marriage but because we are sinners, God instructed Moses to make provisions for marriages to dissolve and life to continue.
God has been gracious to us but we continue to push the boundaries to places that were never intended, and as I have heard suggested, appetites that were taught to us by the rebellious angelic host that mated with women before the flood of Noah.

As God fearing heterosexual men and women we also must keep ourselves clean from adulteries and fornications, witchcrafts and sorceries. As a nation, we have failed. What comes next?

Here is an article about how the homosexual agenda evolved in California schools.

California parents are being urged to keep their children home from school on May 22, the state’s official day for conducting “exercises” to honor the notorious homosexual activist and reported pedophile Harvey Milk.

Here is a second article suggesting the advance of the homosexual agenda.

DOJ on ‘Gays’: ‘Silence Will be Interpreted as Disapproval’