Another Municipal Employee Charged with Embezzlement

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Another Municipal Employee Charged with Embezzlement

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

[u]Jury indicts former clerk[/u]

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FARMINGTON -- The former New Sharon town clerk was indicted by a Franklin County grand jury Monday for allegedly stealing in excess of $4,600 from the town in a scheme that investigators said had been going on for three years.

An indictment is not a determination of guilt but an indication there is sufficient evidence to proceed with formal charges and a trial in Superior Court.

Ellen Grant, 58, who lives on Smith Road in New Sharon, was indicted for felony theft for allegedly taking money from the town between Jan, 1, 2002, and March 5, 2005. She was town clerk for 12 years and did not run for re-election at the March 2005 annual town meeting.

Although the exact amount taken over the years is believed to be as much as $25,000, most has been repaid to the town and in the end, about $4,600 remains unaccounted for, prosecutors said.


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Another Municipal Employee Charged with Embezzlement

This kind of thing seems to come up constantly in local governments, yet even though we don't know where the missing milloins from DHS went, we [b][u]know[/u][/b] [i]it[/i] wasn't stolen. Yeah, Riiiiiiight. :evil:

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Former Troy clerk pleads

Former Troy clerk pleads guilty to embezzling town funds
Kathy Mattingly confessed to stealing nearly $20,000 in town funds.

"BELFAST — A former Troy clerk pleaded guilty Tuesday in Waldo County Superior Court to embezzling nearly $20,000 in town funds."

"Mattingly told police that when residents paid cash, she kept some of the money. She also confessed to writing checks to herself from the town."


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