Another Republican candidate for Governor

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Kevin Lamoreau
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Another Republican candidate for Governor

The number of announced or otherwise "Active" (by the definition of the publisher/editor of which includes candidates who have formed exploratory committees) candidates for the Republican nomination for Governor has gone back up to four (Steven Stimpson was an announced candidate for a while, but he dropped out late last fall IIRC). Marty Vachon is listed at as an active Republican candidate for Governor. No information besides his name and party is currently shown on that web page, but I did a Google Search on "Marty Vachon" Maine and got 10 results, although many of them were very similar to others, like the same news article in the KJ and the Morning Sentinel would be. Still, the four non-basic duplicate pages that came up do offer some information on a Marty Vachon who I imagine is the same Marty Vachon that Ron Gunzburger (the editor of heard is running for Governor. This Marty Vachon lives in Mariaville, Maine, or at least did so as of October 21, 2004, and attended on that date a public meeting of the Union River Watershead Coalition (see ; note that this does not mean he was or is a dues-paying member of that coalition, and he wasn't listed as being present at any of the other meetings of that coalition that I could find). He is on an "Old Time Racing Video" of 1967 car racing at Lee Speedway that is sold online at - it could be yours on VHS for $19.95 or on DVD for $29.95! Call Now! :D

That isn't the only reference to Marty Vachon as an auto racer. His name shows up in a retrospective paragraph on an article that appears in a couple of the newspapers that give content to (which seems like Greater Portsmouth's equivilent to See for one copy of that article. He was also the subject of a question on a racing web forum, although it turned out he wasn't the "guy from Maine" that someone had been talking about (see if you want to see that reference to Marty Vachon). When I took the word "Maine" away from the Google search I found some more entries, most of them related to car racing or the purchase and restoration of an old car of his (apparently he lived in Sanford back in 2002), but also from a western Canadian sailing club newsletter and an online rememberence registry. So, he seems like a decent, relatively well off (probably due to a lot of hard work) person who loved to race cars (and was quite good at it) earlier in life (if not today) and has taken an interest (not necessarilly as what you guys think of when you think of an environmentalist, but who knows?) in conservation matters. My guess is he is a Baby Boomer and a former kind of hippie, although perhaps more of the racing pitt type and not the commune type, like a born in the mid-50s or later Baby Boomer perhaps. But I could be way off. I imagine we'll all find out more about him soon. I got no results in a Google search for "Marty Vachon" Governor, but that will probably change soon. In fact, it may change as soon as I submit this post right... now. :)

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Another Republican candidate for Governor

Never trust those motor race fans or race drivers who are into politics....... :wink:

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Another Republican candidate for Governor

Martin Vachon (Marty) lives in Hancock County and has been coming to meetings on a regular basis as an active candidate for governor.
He hasn't filed any paperwork that I am aware of - at our last meeting he spoke but was the only candidate there without a petition.

He is either relying on "the force" to get elected or planning on running as a write in candidate. :?

I don't know if he as visited other county committee's yet but here are some quotes (or close paraphrases) I've heard:

- Reason running: "because Governor Baldacci is turning Maine into a Slum"

- Vachon often describes himself as a refugee from "the slums of Sanford"

- Other Republican candidates: [something to the effect of] they would all make good members of his cabinet and should drop out of the race and support him.

- He says he does support traditional values & marriage between one man one woman

I have no idea if he is planning on raising any money, running MCEA, or self-financing

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Another Republican candidate for Governor


Dan Billings
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Martin Vachon did not appear

Martin Vachon did not appear at the Sagadahoc County Republican Caucus today. I was told that he recently announced that he would be running as an Independent.

In looking at his Ethics registration, it looks like he was always registered as an unenrolled candidate. Is that correct?

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