Answers to our most troubling questions

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Answers to our most troubling questions

Who is Assad fighting in Syria? The Sunni minority that wants to oust him from power. The answer is not his own people because they are not of the same sect.

Who is Isis? An organized group of Sunni Muslims trying to gain power in Syria, and regain the power they lost to the Shiites in Iraq.
If the Sunnis topple Assad and regain power in Iraq what will happen? The Shiites will become the minority party, and be taken advantage of by the Sunnis.

Will the Sunnis attack the United States? This is unlikely because they will have their hands full retaining their new found or regained power.

What will the Sunnis need to hold this power? Virtually nothing other than the fact they will arrest or exile anyone who attempts to organize the minority against them.

If all of the above is true and I will gladly debate anyone who believes it isn’t, what are we doing in the middle of someone else’s civil war.

The only threat to the United States is itself. We meddle in other people’s business because it is good business and the military industrial complex, the monster we ourselves created, needs conflict to justify its existence and so it creates threats where none exist.

Are the Russians a threat? In order to mount an attack on the United States it would have to amass, in secret, a landing force of such magnitude that our satellites and spies would detect it before it starts. Russian, since Gorbachov got his country to abandon its arms race because he could no longer afford it, has actually been losing population. The reason is because he has to persecute his own people in order to stay in power. His incursions into the Crimea and Georgia are to get back those lands occupied by Russian speakers who in turn are being taken advantage of by the ethnic Georgians.

Are the Chinese a threat? To their own people yes and their military, unlike our military is happy so long as it gets its new toys which they can since they became more industrialized. Unlike us, they now have to import food to feed their growing population but can buy it readily on the open market with money they get from us in the trade imbalance. They feed North Korea in order to keep their population from immigrating to China giving them more mouths to feed. They helped the Vietnamese oust the surrogate government of the French and then us in order to secure their agricultural surplus. They are now helping regimes in Africa to reindustrialize their farms in order to provide the additional food they need to satisfy their continually growing population. It wouldn’t surprise to find the Chinese own much of our own farmland where our own government subsidizes the output.

What would happen if the world was suddenly at peace? The United States would be reduced to the status of a third world country with nearly the entire population needing welfare and the source of it in the hands of those who would refuse to share. There is nowhere left besides the U.S. where it comes for doing nothing.

What is missing in the futuristic dramas we see in the movies and on television? The Starship Enterprise is the classic example of a group of peaceful people exploring other worlds who get their water and food from a machine that never seems to need feeding and makes whatever you desire out of nothing to fuel a ship that repairs itself and runs on a tank that never needs filling. If you believe this is the future for your children and grandchildren you have to be delusional.