Apathy and the Methodic Death of Private Property

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Apathy and the Methodic Death of Private Property

[i]Editor's Note: This story turns my stomach. Here's a "soft-spoken" twit using the power/money of government to invade every square inch of a rural county in its death throes. For what purpose? Not to help rebuild the economy for the rural people living in Montgomery County. This twit will use satellite maps in tandem with the local NGO and governments to cherry pick the prime land in this rural county as part of a Centralized Planning Enviro Dream.

I guess "trespass" is no longer an act anyone cares about anymore. Otherwise, why is no one so much as questioning what's going on in this county? The same is happening in Maine and every other state. I guess "private property" isn't anything anymore except an old phrase.

Read this whole piece, please. I very much wish I was a lawyer with the knowlege to go after these grave robbers.[/i]


Working to put county on the map
Data from UAlbany graduate student will help conserve Montgomery County natural resources

By BRIAN NEARING, Staff writer
First published: Saturday, November 25, 2006

ALBANY -- John Davis is working with Mohawk Hudson Land Conservancy to create computer-generated maps showing the state of the land in the 410 square miles of Montgomery County.

The maps will help the land conservancy decide how to best acquire or otherwise protect the county's most valuable, unique/meaningful ecosystems....

Like many upstate counties, Montgomery County's population has been ebbing, down nearly 6% since 1990.

Just the right time to consider what land needs protection, Davis said.


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Apathy and the Methodic Death of Private Property

[quote]Like many upstate counties, the population of Montgomery County has been ebbing, down nearly 6 percent since 1990, according to U.S. Census figures. The business climate is sagging as well: Non-farm employment dropped by about 10 percent between 2000 and 2003, according to the Census.

Yet, [b]this is just the right time to consider what land needs protection[/b], Davis said.[/quote]

Oh, my word! Of course... kick 'em when they're down. Offer the po' buckers pennies on the dollar and move 'em along.

This is disheartening.

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Apathy and the Methodic Death of Private Property

They buy the most productive farms and forests in seemingly random purchases. They call it "checkerboarding". As those families leave the farm equipment store and logging equipment supplier sees fewer sales. They begin to close. Schools close. Churches merge. Towns dry up. It's called rural cleansing and it's accelerating in Maine.

We read about the hue and cry over the Katahdin Lake area. Meanwhile, Augusta bought half the town of Drew. That's about 12,000 acres. Why did they buy it? No particular reason. Augusta has so much money they have to do something with it so they buy private property. On the other hand; sometimes they just take it as they did with the Sail Inn near the new bridge to Verona Island. They didn't need to take it at all and now they won't even pay for it. What they should do is rebuild it.

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