Are we wasting our efforts?

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Mackenzie Andersen
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Ditto to what Naran posted.

Ditto to what Naran posted.

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.......""If you run screaming

.......""If you run screaming into the street with your rifle and you are the only one out there, go back inside. It isn't time yet."
Written by a friend of mine"......

What Roger said and what Ugenetoo said. I have not given up on America by any stretch of the imagination. I want to get my country back from the "progressive intellegentsia" who have come to believe that they are so smart that they can make ideas work that have failed every place else they have been tried. A lot can be learned from history but one has to be willing to look at it!

I don't think the next election is the end of the world, or the "make or break it" election, lord knows there are plenty of socialists with R after their names. Look at how our two ladies have voted this past several years.

The truth is, things are not bad enough yet to make much difference. Every day you read in the media that things are "booming" as Mr Allen Says, that recovery continues and when the economy comes all the way back we will be better off than ever.

Right. And none of the people who think that way, none of the political class, and none of the media take even a second to talk about 16 trillion dollars of national debt that none of the political class even care if we ever pay it back! Do you folks who think the immediate future looks rosier and rosier think that debt is just going to disappear down some rat hole some place, never to be heard from again?

If my family were carrying that kind of debt I would be beside myself. We have gotten pretty well debt free and own everything we have and there is a reason for all of that. No one can throw us off of it if we don't make next month's payment. And if the stores don't get their food deliveries next week, we have some food and other things to keep us going. And if oil gets to 6 dollars a gallon, we are still OK. We have enough wood on our property to heat this house indefinitely, without any assistance from anyone.

We are very anxious about what the future is going to bring for America. We are not so worried about us personally as we have done what we can to be ready for whatever.........just in case Mr Allen is wrong!

The political class is NOT going to do anything much different in the immediate future. Nothing I can do about that that would make one bit of difference. Nothing will change, seriously, until the politicians run out of other peoples money to spend, and Bernanke cannot print any more as no one wants it. Read the history of the Weimar Republic in Germany, history does not lie!

I believe that which my parents lived by.... and taught me well. 'Hope for the best ........but be prepared for the worst, just in case you need it".

Good sound advice that not many people today live by.


Mike G
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I believe one issue that

I believe one issue that David Allen seems to not appreciate is how heavily in debt this nation has become and it has come on FAST in the past two administrations. This debt is not reserved for just the US also it is systemic and it reaches across the globe and especially within the west.

These debts are unsustainable and borrowing money to bail out countries and states that can't even pay back their present debt is lunacy. Presently in the US the FED is buying huge portions of our debt, because other countries do not want to be holding the bag when we cannot pay it back.

The FED and western banks are devaluing their currencies in an attempt to pay back the debt to absorb the debt. Meaning they are making what was once one could buy with a dollar or euro now only is worth a fraction of that former purchasing power.

At some point the s will hit the fan, retirement funds, people's savings are being effectively stolen by the central banks to pay the debt, the western world is becoming poorer. Where is the magic bullet that will solve this? The perpetual motion machine?

Mike G
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"If the government moves too

"If the government moves too far left or too far right, the voters make a correction. Just look at the presidential choices people have made since 1960 - back and forth - Ds and Rs. It works!"

D Allen quote

On that all I can say is, works for who?

Mackenzie Andersen
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The debt alone is one big

The debt alone is one big reason why this is the most important election in our lifetime- and BTW, I do not recall that being said about other elections. Obama's solution is ALWAYS to spend more money. The only executive experience Obama had before becoming the most powerful executive in the world was distributing grants for "education" at the Chicago Annenberg Challenge- an organization started under the Nixon administration but transformed from within by Bill Ayers and others who insured that the distributed funds went to far left radical organizations.

The energy policy and comments coming out of the current administration about believing that gas should be 9.00 a gallon in the USA magnifies the reason why Obama is not comparable to any other president. Romney would open up our own energy resources which have increased with the new technology while we are prohibited from accessing our own resources by the policies of this administration. Not only would that reduce the cost of energy but it would create jobs. Our current debt is huge but if we can access those resources that are currently estimated as far greater than we believed just a decade ago, we might reverse the debt load faster than we expect.

It seems like a clear choice of two completely opposite directions- One candidate whose ideology is that in order to even things out in the world , America needs to become poorer,and another with a solid background in business and executive management that includes successes as well as mistakes and is ready to confront the issues. There is a lot of talk here about politicians failing to address the issues but we can look across the country and see an emergent class of governors who are successfully addressing the issues in their states. The same is possible at the executive level and Romney's rhetoric indicates that he is ready to be part of that trend.

Roger Ek
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OK, It's the last day of the

OK, It's the last day of the month and I nominate Mike G's post #33 in this thread as Post of the Month. He gets it.

This dovetails very well with the college debt bubble that will collapse as all the other recent bubbles have. We graduate around 60,000 history majors every year and have jobs for fewer than 600 historians. It's a poor investment. History is important, but graduates should also emerge from college with a salable skill.

Sure, the fed is buying back our bonds. It's just a fast shuffle. Every single dollar in your pocket, or in your IRA for that matter, is a debt instrument you owe to the fed. Just read the top line on the paper bill in all capital letters; FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE. A note is a debt instrument.

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I have recently stopped

I have recently stopped pretending that our country will return to individualism. I have started a journal in an attempt to chronicle our country's slip into collectivism. I'm not sure that it will ever amount to anything, but I believe that recording our mistakes will be more beneficial to future generations than trying to convince the present populace that it is better live free with the possibility of failure than it is to live subjugated but hold no responsibility.

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I am not a pessimist but, it

I am not a pessimist but, it is increasingly difficult to see any positives coming along anytime soon. We are surrounded by a sea of Liberal/Socialists who seem to have much more drive, energy, money and will to accomplish the conversion of America to a failed Communist State while the Republicans are weak sisters who can only whine and wring their hands and rend their garments while allowing this to happen.

The link below - A Budget That Can't Be Balanced - is to a video which pretty much says that we cannot fix the budget because Americans will never allow it to happen and we are headed for a fate worse than Greece. Our dilemma was caused not only by Democrats but also by Republicans.



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