Blaxsploitation is Back!!!

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Blaxsploitation is Back!!!

And it's not considered racist... really! The Guardian said so!

The article contains this jewel:

"Obama’s dignified approach to the US presidency evokes the cinematic image of the iconic Sidney Poitier, the most popular actor in the country before the dawn of the blaxploitation era. Dignity, however, has been replaced by a sort of cultural barbarism wherein coded political slogans, such as Nixon’s “silent majority” and “law and order”, have been appropriated and applied to the present as though we were stuck in a time warp from 45 years ago. Further to the point, current investigations into Russian involvement in the 2016 presidential election are now compared with Watergate on an almost daily basis."

Political Slogans are "coded cultural barbarism" but blaxsploitation isn't?
And "on an almost daily basis" is only prophetic because THEY are the ones doing it.
I'm gonna hurl...