Brunelle praises Baldacci (again)

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J. McKane
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Brunelle praises Baldacci (again)

I'm getting really tired of Brunelle.

"Baldacci's trade trip to Cuba worthy of praise, not blame"

"The governor's participation in the trip did not go over well with conservative critics back home. Senate Minority Leader Paul Davis, R-Sangerville, complained"

David Hughes
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Brunelle praises Baldacci (again)

I/m always amazed when the same people who say we should have gave sonctions more time in Iraq point out that the embargo on Cuba has done nothing to get rid of Castro.....

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Brunelle praises Baldacci (again)

If Baldacci is so great at getting foreign purchase orders, he should be visiting more countries.
In fact he should return home when he is able to generate enough trade to cut our taxes.
That would only be another billion $$$ in trade, or at the Cuba rate, another 49 countries.
C'mon John, you can do it!

As alluded above, Maine government and its liberal supporters sleep soundly at night knowing that their double standard
morals are the right choice for everyone.

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