Butch Moore: Are Brook Trout Maine's Next Atlantic Salmon?

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Are Brook Trout Maine's Next Atlantic Salmon?
Fri, 03/15/2013 - 10:33am
Posted by Butch Moore

Someone got me looking at things related to brook trout this morning, and I noticed a map of the A&B waters. It reminded me of a much older map that Audubon contracted a GIS mapping company named ESRI to create that ended up being part of the Northern Forest Alliance's "wildland" push in the late 90's and earlier 2000's. Here's a screen capture of that map:


Now, here's a screen capture of the A&B list:


Interesting, isn't it? It sort of reminds me of the overlay of the Downeast Atlantic salmon watersheds and the Downeast Lakes Wildland that was proposed. I'm sure that is in the AMG archives somewhere as I posted it here.

Now, you might ask what Audubon, the bird people, have to do with brook trout? Well, apparently the bird people are now interested in "saving" the brook trout and have teamed up with another environmental group, Trout Unlimited.

A few years back I predicted that brook trout were going to be come the next Atlantic salmon for the Environmental Industry. Has it started?

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