Can Moderate Republicans take the Hard Left's Usual Dissent

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Can Moderate Republicans take the Hard Left's Usual Dissent

Truer words were never spoken. Mr. Aldrich is right on target in the following piece. Read on and enjoy.Oracle
=================================================The Right to Question and Object
Gary Aldrich
May 08, 2003 Volume ficken 3 Issue 10This article appeared on on May 08, 2003How clever the Hard-Left is when you study their tactics. The other day, Hillary Clinton was speaking at the Jefferson Jackson Baily Dinner in Connecticut when she let go with a carefully rehearsed scolding she knew would strike terror into the quivering spine of moderate Republicans, of which there are many. "I am sick and tired," Hillary said, "of people who say that if you debate and you disagree with this administration, somehow you're not patriotic." She then screeched, "And we should stand up and say we are Americans, and we have a right to debate and disagree with any administration!"Hillary knew that the Achilles' heel for most moderate Republicans is to be scolded about anything at all! We are the party of rules and regulations! Didn't we spend our childhoods trying to please the teacher? And here Hillary is, acting like a raging schoolmarm, causing every well-behaved Republican to seek cover under a desk.While debate rages over whether or not Bill Bennett is a hypocrite for gambling his own money with his wife's full knowledge, while helping us, as a culture, weave our way through more serious vices, not a peep is heard about Hillary's attempts to demonize an entire movement when they objected to her husband's out-of-control conduct while in our White House.Forgotten, apparently, are the speeches by a petulant and aggrieved first lady who stated that she and her husband were victims of a "Vast Right Wing Conspiracy" that was determined to undermine their presidency. Many of us were sick and tired of Bill Clinton's abuses, and we spoke out strongly and often. Hillary not only thought we should sit down and shut-up, but she made it clear that our own free speech and free assembly rights were not appropriate, since we were part of some conspiracy. Thus, the members of the Hard-Left continually play word-games, while a cooperative mainstream media echoes those words over and over again until they are cemented into the minds of the "sheeple," as Michael Savage calls the average American.Republicans, especially moderates, have been raised to behave. They take all scolding seriously, but more importantly, they take it personally. And so, as the Hard-Left knows, it can neuter the words and actions of moderate Republicans. A single statement made by Hillary Clinton in a very angry, scolding way will make moderates quake in fear because it evokes memories of all those years they were bossed around in school by such women.Bossy women have complete control over some men, and what's worse, these women know it. Hillary is smart enough to know it. She knows full well that moderates would rather die a horrible death than work up the courage to call her a liar. In fact, they would have a hard time calling any woman a liar, if the truth be told.Better to lose an argument, moderates reason, than to talk back to your mother, or teacher. Is it better to lose a vote, lose an election, and lose a country as well? The Hard-Left just finished months of anti-American, unpatriotic rioting and ranting on our cities' streets while demonstrators carried signs that called for our own soldiers' deaths at the hands of demented, far-away dictators. This is the "stand up" and free speech that Hillary is talking about, and this is what she's defending. Hillary is worried that lots of good citizens have gotten wise to her political movement's real goals-the destruction of our values. She's moving to reverse the direction of the conversation while she defends and protects her political base-the zealots of the Hard-Left.Why would a citizen, born and raised in this great country, want to tear it down? Why would a U.S. senator want to tear this country down? Well, to find that answer you have to investigate the Hard-Left as I and my friends have done. The list of educated and experienced scholars who can supply the answers to this intriguing question grows longer by the day, and yet the moderates still quake and squirm at the notion that a U.S. citizen could be anything but patriotic.The moderates keep asking why, while they try to shush those of us who see the danger for what it is. Hillary and her friends want to take us straight down the path to Hard-Socialism, the sooner the better. Will our side ever get wise to that fact? While some on our side study their navels-determined to avoid the obvious truth so they won't have to stand up to the teacher-Hillary and her comrades make steady progress.Republican moderates are determined to play nice, bringing the angry teacher an apple, while they work hard at maintaining the status quo. They glare at those of us who are trying to throttle the Hard-Left and stop its steady march. They repeat the Hard-Left's self-serving mantra, "the protestors are only expressing a difference of opinion-it's the American way. It's their right."Their right to wish for the killing of our own fighting men and women? Their right to hope for America's defeat? Their right to desire the collapse of President Bush's War on Terrorism?This is not anti-American? This is not unpatriotic? Hillary Clinton, some of us know who you really are and what you really believe, and we are dedicated to keeping you and your Hard-Left comrades from power.____________________Gary Aldrich is the author of the soon to be released hard-hitting book, Thunder on the Left: An Insiders Report on the Hijacking of the Democratic Party, an exposé of the clear and present danger the Hard-Left's agenda presents to our national security and our freedoms, such as the freedom of speech.