Chicago IS the ultimate democratic success story

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Chicago IS the ultimate democratic success story

BILLIONS AND BILLIONS of unfunded pension liabilities,Rahm has come up with clever idea to borrow his way out of debt......

The city’s four pension funds are currently causing a financial crisis, with $27.6 billion in unfunded liabilities and just about 26 cents on hand for every dollar of pension benefit currently promised. Chicago taxpayers’ share of pension debt is actually even larger because of an additional $14.2 billion of unfunded liabilities accumulated by four independently managed Chicago pension funds which are not part of the city’s budget.

In total, Chicago pension systems are nearly $42 billion in the red.

Unfunded pension liabilities country wide are the trillion(s) dollar gorilla in the room no one is talking about ......

And you thought this was going to be about their murder rate.....

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Chicago is the brightest neon

Chicago is the brightest neon poster child for what Democrats can get away with. A city where people (mostly blacks) are shot and killed on an hourly basis, where the local government is irredeemably corrupt, where many local politicians are serving time in the slammer, where the city is not merely bankrupt it is most sincerely bankrupt (credit Over the Rainbow), where the mayor is a criminal, racist, commie pink-o and nobody cares! I know I don't.

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It is a shocking realization

It is a shocking realization that Chicago is not seen by leftists as having problems, but instead as a success to be emulated. This leads to an even worse realization: the results seen are not an accident. Someone would be working to fix a problem or accident. The only effort being expended is to prevent any fix.

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Is Chicago proof that Lenin

Is Chicago proof that Lenin was telling the truth?

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