Childcare assault on Taxpayers??

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Childcare assault on Taxpayers??

Are TAXPAYERS aware of all the "new" changes being made to childcare?
There are many NEW changes out there and even many more being proposed. They are now even proposing to make childcares have stars and ratings, like restaurants and hotels. From what I am reading, it appears to me that the state is pushing little family daycares out. They are looking instead for center based childcare. I am being told that the trend looks more like state run daycare institutes, like the schools districts.

I believe that the state run schools have done a poor job of "raising" our children. Ex. starts right at the poor hot lunch programs they have. Can you say whole wheat? The districts can't. If childcare did become state funded like schools what would that mean for the majority of us? We would once again be paying for something we weren't using! Would u put your baby in a state run facility?

Family childcares cannot afford to make many of the changes being proposed in its developing phase.

Recently, your tax $ paid for childcare providers to take CDA classes to earn a "Certificate of Quality". This certificate gave families a double tax credit for any parent using their childcare. Any subsidy program gave the provider a 10% bump up in pay. These Quality certificates had to be renewed. At present time they still have value, I am being told that they soon will be absolete. There is a "new" program coming to town. Remember your hard earned tax $ have already subsidized 180 hours of "Maine Roads to Quality Training" (CDA) Many of the classes were free for the participants and some paid $10 the first couple of years being offered and then some classes bumped up to $15 per participant. Highly subsidized program.

Now they have moved forward to advanced training. Much of the old training was on diversity training. I took some classes for enrichment, I wanted to learn what they were teaching daycare providers about diversity and childcare. We were instructed to not have a Christmas Tree in our home. We were not allowed to read manger stories, ect to the children. We were provided with several children's books to read to our children. There were books on every religious philosophy and race out there except Christian and white people. The diversity training wasn't diverse? I took over 90 hours of Maine Roads to Quality Training, the classes are open to anyone. They do not make you prove that you care for children.

I spoke up and said that we need to read all books of all religions including Christianity to our children. Children need a broad knowledge of cultures, including the story of Jesus Birth. I was rudely shut off from speaking.

There is now a REGIONAL FOCUS GROUP working on a NEW QUALITY RATING SYSTEM. (QRS) The offices of childcare and headstart is working together with 8 Resource Development Centers . They are also working on more observing and assessing young children. (Where are the parents and pediatricians for this?) Do you want your child assessed by the "Quality childcare facility?"

Who is paying for all this and what are we going to get for our BUCK?

OTHER LAWS now being ENFORCED in CHILDCARE. Any mother whom is now working and recieving a childcare subsidy MUST use a licensed provider or a Trust Me provider (background checks done) This is good. PROBLEM: Mothers who work shift work like T-Mobile in Oakland Maine, NewBalance second shift, and many other second and third shift jobs. There is hardly ANY LICENSED CHILDCARE during these odd hours. We are expecting woman to get on their feet, however, not allowing them to use Trust Me care if they have more then two children. Trust Me care providers only are legal for 2 children and cannot be subsidized if they take on a family of 3. For odd hour care, the rules must be changed. As we have many tired mothers running to two family based chilcares to pick up their children in the middle of the night.

LAW SHOULD READ: No unlicensed provider shall care for more then 2 children or one family at a time. Most unlicensed providers are TRUST ME CARE providers. If you are state subsidized they do an automatic background check on you from what I am being told.

This would allow common sense for a single mom with a third child or 4th child. Many of these children were born in families before dad left and now these woman are faced with raising multiple children on their own. WE MUST help them if we are going to subsidize their childcare while they are getting back on their feet. Driving in the snow to pick up children at 1:00 am to 2 homes, is really tough on the parents and the children as they are spending much of their lives seperated between childcares. They often end up back on welfare, because childcare is just too difficult.

Most evening childcare providers care for children along with their own family. They do not take in large #'s of children, as that would take from their own families. Evening childcare is crucial in central Maine and other parts of this state as more service orientated jobs pop up and less 40 hour week day jobs exists.

Changing the LAW to read 2 children or one family per an unlicensed provider (background checked) provider would decrease desperate moms from leaving children home with older child (unsafe) I have also seen many mom's leave their children with elderly grandparents, because the law states that a RELATIVE will be subsidized regardless of the # of children cared for, as long as its a close family member! Many grandparents are simply not healthy enough to be caring for 3-4 young children. My understanding of close family member, grandmother, sister, aunt, grandfather, uncle or brother these people have no training or CPR/First Aid; unlike most TRUST ME CARE PROVIDERS.

I do NOT believe that there should be a law on grandparents babysitting. I just feel that if the current law allowed for Trust Me Providers to care for a family, regardless of the # of children to that one mom, many grandparents wouldn't feel forced to "help out".

I have heard of horror stories of children as young as 8 babysitting their younger siblings!! When mom's can't find odd hour childcare, they become desperate. Something MUST BE DONE to PROTECT the children. Aiding the mothers to private childcare, not institutionalized childcare makes sense to me.

I think they are talking alot about opening big state subsidized childcenters near large industries. I think this will throw TONS of $ at a problem. Look at all the $ we throw at our schools with little results in many of them. From what I learned from their state funded classes, individual cribs and playpens as children cannot touch a toy another child has sucked on. Raising children in jail like playpens may just get them ready for their future! Children are NOT allowed to even have water at will, another child might drink off their cup, so there is drink time provided. A friend of mine worked in Portland at a large daycare and a child had diarhea, she wanted to give it drinks often and was told, "that will break his schedule". She quite after 2 weeks siting many child abuse infractions, in her opinion. She noted newborns being laid in cribs to cry it out. She was told after a few weeks it would get used to the schedule and stop crying. She noted that they often refered to the infants and toddlers as it or that one.

Every good intention gets CARRIED away. When you ask who makes these laws and how to change these laws, we hear DHHS. What I can't seem to get an answer to is who do you lobby to change a DHHS law that penalizes mothers and children? Yes, there were some bad homes, just providing mear custodial care and peanutbutter and jelly sandwiches. Reform was needed, but NOT to this degree of 5 STAR HOTELS for CHILDCARE!!!

Who is going to pay for this new star system and rate it? Who is going to pay for all the classes and construction???
I got it, TAXPAYERS!!!!
This must be stopped before they turn all childcare into state run facilities! (I know it hasn't gone that far yet, but many of us can see the writting on the wall)

I know you are asking why wouldn't someone want to be licensed for evening childcare. WHY just be a TRUST ME PROVIDER. First of all, 2 children only brings in approx. $2.89 per an hour combined. State subsidized in this area is low. 3 children would only bring in approx.$4.50 an hour max. Licenses cost $. Your home then needs to be insured for a LICENSED CHILDCARE. Not cheap. Everytime you leave your home with the daycare children you must leave a note as to where you are going and when you will arrive home, even if the parents know your schedule. Once your licensed not just anyone can fill-in for you, finding help is very difficult if you need even an hour replacement. Prescriptions, accident reports, attendance and lesson planning all take on a new form once licensed. This doesn't even include any home improvements that must be made in order to become licensed, such as wired in fire alarms. Most Trust Me care providers already have their own families and choose quality care over quantity care.

I must give a footnote here: Much of this information was found in the RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT CENTER PROVIDER NEWSLETTER December and January 2006. I believe this to be a division of Child Care Options. This is a PROJECT of Southern Kennebec Child Development Center. Funding for the Publication is provided by yours truly (The Maine Department of Health and Human Services) Much of this is also not fact, just the opinion of the Author. Please do some research, it may frighten you. When you call you may not get clear answers, and may have the facts sugar coated, taxpayer, beware.

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Childcare assault on Taxpayers??


What are we getting for our tax $?

Now daycares have increased prices due to redtape and paperwork?

Should be pay for even more child care classes since 180 hours of class isn't enough.

Much of this class time is spent story telling and off subject. Another waste of $.

Childcare assault on Taxpayers??

Thats our Nanny

Childcare assault on Taxpayers??

Is it just me? Or were people able to handle the childcare problem on their own for many decades before these government programs were brought about.

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Childcare assault on Taxpayers??

This doesn't effect our nannies. We will have to pay more taxes for their expanded headstart programming. Right now from what I am hearing there are even family headstart homes (these may not be effected by the 5 star program). We are also paying to subsidize some of the worst organized and run classes that I have ever taken in my life, our tax $ at work. Then from what I am being told and read, it seems those classes, (still taking place) are to become obsolete over another new program. I just don't want to see headstart as it's expanding, and public schools are starting to take children at 4 (Athens, ME, just to name a program I'm familiar with, but refused to use.) I do NOT want to see Tax Funded public daycare. I fear that as districts expand preschool programs and headstart works with others to expand their programming, eventually we will see Taxpayer childcare.

Licensed daycares are saying they can't afford to make the 5 star changes, that leaves the state to bail them out or start a new program, when licensed family homes can't meet the mandates.

My nanny/personal assistant only works 20 hours a week, because I prefer to be at home as much as possible. I volunteer/work 20 hours a week, to give myself some adult time. She is paid 20 hours a week, even though my husband has my child most of that time. He is on call 24-7, therefore, I must have her to compensate for his quick exists. I myself prefer to not use substitute care. (She is actually his nanny and my personal assistant).

PROBLEM: I am concerned that in the real world children will be raised with many children who have recieved substitute care. Some children are recieving as many as 45 hours a week or more (some even being seperated from not only parents but siblings). I want to ensure that the care these children are recieving is not substandard or even abusive. We do not live in glass balls and our children will be hiring these people or working with some of these people in some form. It's called society. Personally, I believe small schools and daycares provide quality care that cannot be reproduced in large or supersized settings.

In the past people had families to count on to help out with childcare, if Mother was forced to go to work. Today grammie works or due to the break down of the family unit, we aren't seeing family helping family. I have taken many woman out of abusive homes and asked them, now where? Can we go to your sisters, brothers, ect? Families have little interest in aiding one another. WE have become a very inhumane society in many parts of this country.

I am sad to think that time may have passed for families helping families, communities and churches. With our collosal homes, we have to make a consious effort to spend time together. My oldest dd uses her cell phone to call my cell phone to remind me of her appt! It does beat screaming across the house or having to scale two flights of stairs only to find that I am in the celler or outside. We have also resorted to doorbells in kids rooms that I can ring from the kitchen to prevent screaming, supper is ready and then having no one respond. Clearly, the size of our homes have gotten out of control :( I feel a small home might be cluttery, but there many days that I threaten a for sale sign. I have no idea who my neighbors are and quite frankly, have never given any thought to them. :oops:

We all live fast paced lives, things have clearly changed. I fear not for the better. Can the govt. become our saviours? NO. More programs aren't going to fix the realities of life. The more LAWS they make the worse life gets for us. Everything gets inflated and then we can't even help ourselves, because it's somehow become illegal, and you can't even get a straight answer as to why the law exists or who was responsible for instilling it. :shock: Now, look at the budget to enforce these laws.

I think we need a new Law to govern the Law!

YES, we have relied far too heavily on the Gov. to bail us out. This has spoiled several generations of people. Now we want to cut out gov. programs. But what are we going to replace them with, jobs at T-mobile with no one to provide childcare? ANOTHER PROGRAM FOLKS is not the ANSWER! Shipping these valuable jobs out of town, state or country is not the answer either, NOR is HIGHERING ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS or GUEST WORKERS!!

I have 3 children and if they were younger and I needed childcare and wanted to work at T-mobile, I would have to legally hire two childcare providers for my 3 children, unless I could find a licensed ODD hour daycare. Do you know of any ODD hour licensed daycares in centeral Maine? This law needs to be revised! They have no intention of revising it, because it gives them a great excuse for a NEW PROGRAM!

I believe helping mothers, means not making laws, that they have to travel to two childcares during the night, unless they find a licensed provider. ABSURD.

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Child Care Union Bill Splits

Child Care Union Bill Splits Maine Lawmakers Along Party Lines
04/06/2012 Reported By: A.J. Higgins

[House] Democrats...will try to defeat a bill next week that bars independent, in-home child care providers from forming a union or participating in collective bargaining negotiations. Republicans claim removing the exemption will make the state policy consistent with other labor laws.

"I am not opposed to collective bargaining [or] union representation..," says Sen. Chris Rector. "But I think we have a very unusual case here...that...was inexplicable when...passed by the Legislature...."

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