Chuck Kruger (d-Thomaston) wants Cheney dead

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And Nugent effects my/your

And Nugent effects my/your life how? Kruger effects my life how, usually in a negative fashion. I am waiting for the Bangor City Council members who called for Nugent to be banned from a public venue to call for Kruger to step down.

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Bait and switch is a favorite

Bait and switch is a favorite liberal tactic.

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If they fail to uninvite

If they fail to uninvite Nugent to the Bangor concert, I'm buying a ticket.

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The response from Alex Gray,

The response from Alex Gray, the concert promoter was on-point, and commendable.


Gray said that those who are bothered by Nugent’s comments can choose not to attend his concert. He said they also have the option of standing outside the gates of the concert and protesting Nugent’s presence.

“That’s what makes this country great,” Gray said.


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For reference, in light of

For reference, in light of MEDEMS call for the resignation of GOP Rep. Lockman for his hateful comments.
Can't seem to find Chairman Grant's press release when Rep. Kruger's statements were at issue.


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