Cover Up! How the U.S. is Really Funding the Iraq War!

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Cover Up! How the U.S. is Really Funding the Iraq War!


Letters to the Editor
Another cover up by the U.S. government
Friday, June 8, 2007

The U.S. government is...cover[ing] up!

When our troops entered Baghdad...they located a building...filled...with...American $100 bills.

I wrote four senators to find out where that money went.... Snowe...forwarded my letter to...Major Crum, public affairs planner, Multi-National Corps-Iraq.

He wants me to tell him exactly when it occurred..., to validate the source.

He is asking questions...practically no one can answer...just aiding in the cover up...

Donald Tuttle


Jim Corr
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Cover Up! How the U.S. is Really Funding the Iraq War!

Off the top of my head, I could recall a few incidents similar to what Mr. Tuttle is mentioning. I believe American dollars were found in more than one of Saddam's palaces...

I have [b]no doubt [/b]this type of discovery of cash has occured countless times throughout this war. [b]It's what insurgents/the enemy does. [/b]They did it in Vietnam (keep caches of 'American' money around). I'm almost positive it was done in Korea and WWII, etc.

My first thought was that the bills discovered would be kept as any other evidence. Dispersal afterwards would depend upon what the courts decide (compensation to civilian families who lost loved ones, etc.)

A quick search of DOD website brought up one similar incident I recalled, but not the one Mr. Tuttle suggested happened "at the beginning of President Bush's fiasco" :roll: :

[quote]U.S. Soldiers, Iraqi Forces Uncover Weapons
American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON, June 13, 2005 – U.S. Third Infantry Division soldiers conducted a raid in southern Baghdad on June 11, uncovering a weapons cache that led to the arrest of several men, according to coalition officials in Iraq...

[b]The soldiers also found $17,900 in U.S. $100 bills.[/b] Second Brigade Combat Team [b]legal personnel were on hand to assist in proper evidence collection, which officials said can greatly affect the chance of securing a court conviction for offenders. [/b]

"The soldiers are good with evidence collection, but I'm making sure we preserve fingerprints and get pictures," said Capt. Margaret Kurz, 2nd Brigade attorney. [b]"Pictures and sworn statements are everything in Iraqi courts - it's crucial that we get a picture connecting the suspect with the evidence." [/b]...[/quote]

The article goes on to state:
[quote]Also, with the help of the Iraqi people, U.S. and Iraqi security forces found a bomb maker, a [b]terrorist financier [/b]and weapons caches in Baghdad on June 11 and 12, officials noted.

I'm certain this "financier" wasn't paying recruits with defunct Iraq currency!!!!

Perhaps Mr. Tuttle should go do more "homework", gather up similar information as reported on the DOD website and correspond with the P.A. officer again. Ask what happens to money discovered in caches during war.

But, that would take all the 'fun' out of his conspiracy theory...

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Cover Up! How the U.S. is Really Funding the Iraq War!

They found a large truck filled with gold. The truck was so heavy the tires were just about flat and it would not move under its own power. Gold is heavy stuff. It was all in ingots and photos of US troops sitting on the piles of gold were widely distributed on the internet.

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Cover Up! How the U.S. is Really Funding the Iraq War!

Better they go to the our military than to say George Galloway MP. It seems that he perjured himself in front of the Senate, shockingly, and lied about his Saddam-sourced funding.

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Cover Up! How the U.S. is Really Funding the Iraq War!

I though we were funding the war by borrowing money from China and just printing any additional money we need.

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