Dancing with the Girls

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Dancing with the Girls

Been doing quite a lot of spontaneous dancing lately. It’s fun, good exercise, and not something I’d done much of since I was a teenager, but I’m liking it. Sometimes my granddaughters hold hands with me as we dance and other times we cut loose in what I guess you’d call “free-form.” It could be sparked by the intro score to “Shaun The Sheep,” or most any other kind of music that comes over various electronic media in the house. We sing a lot too, usually old favorites like “Wheels on the Bus” or “Old McDonald.” We’re having a grand time and we read a lot of books also, many of which I hadn’t read for thirty years. There are tea parties too, almost every day.

It’s seldom dull here since we invited my daughter and her family to stay with us for a while. She’s having twin boys any day now, and looking more pregnant than any woman I’ve ever seen. With three-year-old Claire and two-year-old Lila - my dance partners - she can’t reasonably be expected to handle twin boys as well - not for a while at least. The boys’ names aren’t firm yet, but right now they’re Luke and Henry. Various suggestions included Daryl and Daryl or Hans and Frans, but those monikers didn’t seem to fit. We’ll know for sure what to call them when they finally emerge.

The rest is here.

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Wonderful column. How timely

Wonderful column.
How timely as my grandkids arrive tomorrow for a couple of days.
I have the girl thing down pat,had three, the boy thing is new to us(grandson is 5).
Opposite for my son in laws family his daughter(now 3) was first girl born into his family in 27 years !
Having two brothers leads her fathers' mother to state last week ,"do you know your daughter is a piece of work" ?
Enjoy and once again great column.

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