Dangerous dogs - where do you stand?

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I have to agree, Bruce. The

I have to agree, Bruce. The photo tells a lot about other factors that may have played a part in this tragedy.

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Dog shoots dead its owner:

Dog shoots dead its owner: Pet jumps up at its master while he was hunting in Russia and claws the trigger of his rifle


The victim was 'sober' and had the relevant licenses for his hunting gun.

'This was an accident,' he said.

The dog - not named - was an Estonian Hound.

The breed is known for a balanced, calm and active temperament - and high intelligence.

It loves loves human attention and gets upset if left alone.

It was originally bred in Soviet times when the Communist authorities in Moscow ordered that every republic in the USSR must have its own breed.

The victim was sober? He'd appreciate that this was made clear.

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In Russian news, sobriety is

In Russian news, sobriety is always included in the article.


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