Dead Dogs in the Car - Skeletons in the Closet?

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Dead Dogs in the Car - Skeletons in the Closet?

It has been reported in Maine papers this weekend that a 32-year old woman named Amy Moolic was arrested in NH (for disorderly conduct) after being found with [url=]22 dogs in her vehicle[/url].

Then it is reported that the place where a dozen of those dogs came from (Moolic claims she was rescuing them) in [url=]Somerville was raided Sunday[/url].

Because there have been allegations of "activism" (to put it mildly) taking place in relation to some of these raids, I decided to search on Moolic's name and found two interesting links:

One is a [url=]NH Craigslist post[/url] asking for help to make a case against Moolic as an animal mill herself.

The other is a [url= posting[/url] detailing two separate negative personal experiences with Moolic and describes her as a seller of animals.

After I did this legwork, I noticed the person with the first story in the MySpace link had posted a comment under the KJ article.