Debra Plowman for Senate Official Launch, Fri., 4/27

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Debra Plowman for Senate Official Launch, Fri., 4/27

Plowman for Senate
April 25, 2012

HAMPDEN, ME - Candidate for United States Senate Debra Plowman will kick off her statewide campaign with two events this Friday, April 27, 2012.

The first event will be in Lewiston at the Colisée and is scheduled to begin at 10:30 am. "I grew up in Lewiston and attended school at Holy Family, Holy Cross and St. Dominic RHS. It’s only fitting that I kick off this campaign in Lewiston."

State Senator Debra Plowman currently lives in Hampden with her husband, David. She and her husband have three children and two grandchildren. They own and operate PDQ Door, a garage door company with six locations and 50 employees. Senator Plowman is completing her fourth term in the Maine Senate and currently serves as the Assistant Majority Leader in the Senate.

The second event is scheduled for 1:30 pm at McLaughlin's at the Marina in Hampden. "I am so pleased that our long-time friends Kim and Reid McLaughlin have agreed to host this kick-off event. It’s so very important that friends and family members will be able to join us to get this campaign rolling."

What: Campaign Events

Where: The Baxter Lounge at the Colisée

190 Birch Street

Lewiston, Maine

When: Friday, April 27, 2012

10:30 a.m.


Contact: Adrea Quirion, Campaign Coordinator

(207) 576-7636



On the Web at

Paid for and Authorized by Plowman for US Senate, Timothy C. Woodcock, Treasurer

Bob S
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Friday, April 27, 2012 10:30

Friday, April 27, 2012 10:30 am

These weekday daytime meetings, what kind of crowd does this draw in? What kind of demographic? Am I suppose to take time off from work to attend?

Russ Belt
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green-ee, maybe you had a bad

green-ee, maybe you had a bad experience with senator plowman, maybe not. your post is a cheap shot with no detail, including senator plowman's side of the story. from what you've written it's highly likely the senator is unaware you tried reaching her. i have known her as a friend and legislator for 15-years. she is the antithesis of apathetic: a tough fighter with a big heart (perhaps too big) with a reputation for going the extra mile for her constituents. i would ask you to give senator plowman the courtesy of verifying your suspicions before posting such negative comments.

bob s, really? any campaign kickoff event is primarily a media event. candidate supporters who can attend will attend. but the idea is to host events which are easy for media reporters to cover.

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I saw Sen. Plowman's kickoff

I saw Sen. Plowman's kickoff in Hampden. Sen. Doug Thomas introduced her. There was a good crowd of well-wishers not visible in this pic. The one gentleman to Deb Plowman's right came in during her remarks.

Photo by Scott K Fish, 4/27/2012

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Debra Plowman's U.S. Senate

Debra Plowman's U.S. Senate Campaign Kick-Off, Lewiston, Maine -- 4/27/2012
Video by Mark Ellis

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Audio File From the MPBN

Audio File From the MPBN story:Your Vote Profile: Republican U.S. Senate Candidate Debra Plowman

Plowman has...pushed fiscally conservative tax.., budgetary policies during her 16 years in Augusta. "My husband and I own PDQ Door. We 1995, when I was a citizen legislator, with four people."

...Plowman left public service (2000) and worked at [PDQ] full-time.... [PDQ Door] now operates at six...locations with...fifty people.

She played...key role in helping...LePage...push through regulatory and pension reforms, [and] the biggest tax cut in Maine history.

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I am decided and don't know

I am decided and don't know much about Senator Plowman. I am very interested in hearing what she has to say at the convention.

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That previous post should

That previous post should have read undecided. After asking some of her supporters at the convention why I should vote for her and then hearing and meeting her I made up my mind. I turned in my absentee ballot today with a check before her name. Some of the comeents I heard was that "she is fiesty and is willing and able to stand for what she believes. I heard she has a record of voting socially and fiscally conservative and that she is anxious and prepared to take on Angus after working in the legislature while he was in office. One man said she has the scoop on Angus and is ready to dish it out ."

It wasn't easy making a decision as I like several other canidates as well. I could only vote for 1 and Debra Plowman is the one.

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