Dems Koffman/Watson: Maine Ice-Fishers Have No Class

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Butch Moore
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Dems Koffman/Watson: Maine Ice-Fishers Have No Class

[quote]Lets not make it sound like anyone who belongs to TU or any other conservation organization or has concerns about protecting wild brook trout is from away /elitist/ flyfisher etc.[/quote]

I'm not sure TU is even a "conservation" organization anymore. Regardless, they are not a sportsman's organization, or so the New England "Conservation" Director tells us. TU is an environmental group, rapidly becoming a preservation group, much like The Nature Conservancy.

[quote]So is one to conclude from your comments that someone could not be a politician who ice fishes and is a TU member?[/quote]

Feel free to conclude anything you wish. The fact is, the article was skewed far to the left in favor of the environmental lobby (TU), as one would expect from the PPH.

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Dems Koffman/Watson: Maine Ice-Fishers Have No Class

Unless I'm missing something, fishing pretty well requires access to fishable venues. Since TU on a national level has begun to distance themselves from access issues, I would offer that Butch's comments stand.

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They think it's bad in Maine?

They think it's bad in Maine? Try Michigan.


Ice-shack etiquette: No fish whacking

1/19/11 06:28 am
By The Associated Press

NORTON SHORES, Mich. — Two ice fishermen in Michigan cried both fish and foul after ... being assaulted by a woman wielding the aquatic animal.

... (she) instructed the men to turn their heads while she relieved herself, and while their backs were turned, she struck one of them in the head with a fish. .... then struck the other man across the face with a fish.

She ... was upset the men put their shanty too close to hers.

... the men decided against pressing charges.



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