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Diamon on the Swamp
Bruce Libby
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This probably a fair

This probably a fair assessment of the situation.
If it is a surprise to anyone I doubt it .
However, Al lacks just one thing , solutions or suggestions of the same.
Actually for all the talk about this over the years about all that has been done is adding
layers of camouflage consisting of various laws ,regulations etc..

As much as we hated them the real politicians of years ago had it all over the incompetent
incumbents walking the halls in Augusta.

Roger Ek
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Not so long ago we had the

Not so long ago we had the Baldacci - Tardy budgets. They spent much more than they took in so they just didn't pay the hospitals $150 million. Wink wink. If somebody would just wake up OPEGA we could solve a bunch of problems.

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