Drug Bust

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Drug Bust

$25,000 in cocaine, pot, guns, prescription drugs, cash seized
Maine Drug Enforcement agents seized $25,000 worth of cocaine this week, leading to the arrest of an Eagle Lake man.
Eagle Lake is located 17 miles south of Fort Kent.
61-year-old Bryon Nadeau is being charged with trafficking cocaine, marijuana and prescription drugs.
Nadeau was also found with 3.5 pounds of marijuana, ecstasy, and prescription drugs.
Agents say Nadeau was importing cocaine from out of state and selling it in northern Aroostook County.


There were other threads about drug busts, but they were for specific towns, so I figured I would start this one leaving it open for anywhere in the state.

It is not large haul, but not exactly a small one either when looking at everything they found...guns, cash, marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy, and prescription drugs. Quite the little operation this guy had going. Every parents worst nightmare.