Editorial: Saco Voters Should OK $1.5 Million for Open Space

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Editorial: Saco Voters Should OK $1.5 Million for Open Space

Journal Tribune
11/2/02EditorialOpen space: Saco voters will be asked to authorize a $1.5 million bond to give the city a small land acquisition fund, similar to the Land for Maine's Future fund, for the preservation of open spaces. The proposal is driven by residents worried that development pressure will eat up too much of their city, which features probably the easiest Portland commute of any York County community.It's true that few Maine cities or towns have their own funds for such a purpose, and that the Land for Maine's Future program does an admirable job. But there's heavy competition for the state funds and few communities in a similar position to Saco: It's not poor, and it is pressed.The fund would help further the impressive trail development going on in the area and would be good for future generations. We recommend a yes vote.[url=http://www.journaltribune.com/editorial.html]http://www.journaltribune.c...