The Execution of Christopher Dorner. They'll Make Us Fight, Eventually!

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The Execution of Christopher Dorner. They Will Make Us Fight, Eventually!
Wed, 03/06/2013 - 11:04am
Posted by woodcanoe

The "World English Dictionary" defines "Execution" thusly:

......."the carrying out or undergoing of a sentence of death".......

From "Counterpunch":

......."Just minutes before Barack Obama began his state of the union address, San Bernardino County Sheriffs, knowing full well what they were doing, burned Christopher Dorner to death".......

"Knowing what they were doing".........We all saw the images of the wooden cabin, having been lit afire, and some of us followed the coverage live on various Twitter feeds, from media people at the scene!

The San Bernandino Sheriffs Dept quickly established a perimeter around this scene. Once the perimeter was fully established, the cops "ordered" that the media "withdraw" to areas several miles from the scene. LEO orders were given for helicopters to stop transmitting live video from the scene also. And in addition all media were "ordered" to stop transmitting live Twitter feed from the area!

The leftist media immediately got to their knees, and agreed to comply with these "orders" like the willing toadies they have proven to be! I know for a fact that this happened as I was following live Twitter feed from the scene........and it suddenly stopped, and I could find no further converage, in real time anyway. In addition to how the media "laid down" at Sandy Hook, this is unprecedented. The media that people have relied upon, for many years, to keep government "honest" have gone way beyond just being in the tank for the lefties, but have willingly made themselves "accomplices to criminal acts"!

Way early on in the Dorner story, it was clear that the law enforcement did NOT have a "Wanted Dead or Alive" alert out for Chris Dorner, but rather had a "Wanted Dead" order posted. This was completely evident as one group of cops encountered a couple of old women in a truck that was vaguely similar to Dorners, stopped them by ramming with a cruiser, then opened fire on the two women, immediately, with every intention of killing the occupants. Look at the pictures of the truck, hit around 50 times or so. The only thing saving the women was that most big city cops can't shoot worth a hoot!

Shortly after a slender white male (looking nothing like a "large black male) was encountered by other cops, who opened fire on him, in similar fashion, wounding him also! It was pretty clear to many of us, and some of the conservative punditry, before the end game, that Dorner was NOT going to be taken alive.........and ever allowed to tell his story, of corruption and abuse in large W Coast police depts. Dead men don't talk, and they knew this full well, and clearly demonstrated that intent.

Though most people reporting on Twitter, stopped doing so, under orders of the cops, some people kept following events by listening to the local police scanner frequencies. Chilling things were heard.

Nearly a half hour prior to the fire SBSD radio chatter had been heard to talk about "going ahead with the plan for the burner" and "back the bear down and deploy the burner through the turret".

Soon the message was clearer: "We have a fire". No surprise expressed by anyone on the radio. No calls to fire dept personnel.

A female voice is heard on the radio asking if we "need to deploy fire apparatus yet". The chilling respone is "No, we have to wait for the roof to collapse".

Upon learning that the building had a partial basement under it, an authorotative voice was heard on the radio, "Fire crews would NOT BE CALLED until the fire had burned through the basement. They cops intended to make sure he was dead!

This is shades of Waco all over again. CS gas is what was used in this incident. CS gas is forbidden for use in warfare by the Geneva convention but is certainly fine for American law enforcement to use. CS is not a gas, but an aerosol as particles are suspened in the air from it. CS is known for it's high volatility, and propensity to start fires, thus it's "knowing choice" in Waco, and for Chris Dorner's demise.

When CS is burned, it produces hydrogen cyanide, the same gas used to execute prisoners on Death Row. CS powder will ignite at 327 F and once ignited will burn at temperatures as high as 4,200 F, causing it to function as a high-temperature fire accelerant

........"From police brutality and racism to political unaccountability, from lack of economic opportunities to the extrajudicial murder of anyone deemed an enemy of the state, Dorner’s life and death offers us a much clearer picture of the state of this union than last night’s [Obama's State of the Union] speech or media commentary.

Is anyone beside me, sick to their stomachs at the idea that in many instances nowdays, the cops have appointed themselves "judge, jury and executioner"?

We measure our acceptance of free speech by demonstrating that we are willing to tolerate the speech of others, though we may find it highly repugnant. The measure of how well our system of justice is working, is determined by how well we treat those who have been suspected of, and charged with, breaking the law.

I have read enough about corruption in big city police forces, to believe every single word Chris Dorner wrote, and believe we have not heard the last of it! Eventually decent American citizens are going to have to stand and oppose "injustice" wherever they see it.


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