Fairpoint or Time Warner?

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Rick Blaine
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Fairpoint or Time Warner?


Got some big issues with Time Warner.
They were out Saturday to "fix" the Roadrunner and Phone connections.

Not working any better today. Actually lost Internet and phone earlier.

Call to their Service Techie was a joke. He was telling my wife that the firewall
and our router were the problem... and I asked him why it's worked fine for years...




And he tried to sell us an upgrade to use THEIR router for another ten bucks a month!


Bruce Libby
Joined: 01/17/2006 - 7:08pm
My daughter has Fairpoint

My daughter has Fairpoint service and it is eratic at best.

Keep calling TW and make sure you are talking to local people(Maine). Was the installing tech a TW one or contractor?
I had alot of trouble with mine at first until I had TW staff fix it! They are so short of techs they are hiring conractors with varied results. As maddening as it is keep at them (politely) but firmly .
I was told that there was also alot of differences in modems as they are all made off shore I went through three before I got one that has been OK and hnas stayed trouble free.

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I can't speak to your phone

I can't speak to your phone issues. I got DSL first from Verizon and Fairpoint inherited their problems. My internet speed was awful, much slower than I was paying for, and no amount of complaints changed anything one bit. Then a colleague suggested I look into OpenDNS. Within minutes after switching to their DNS servers, my speed jumped up to where it was supposed to be. It's FREE and their site has lots of info on how to switch based on your equipment and other factors.

After that, whenever I had problems, it turned out to be hardware related. My service has been pretty much flawless since my last on-site service, when the technician climbed to the top of the pole to check the physical connection. He found corroded wires and a complete mess of incompetent work. NEVER NEVER let them cop out by telling you it's your problem.

Joined: 06/21/2008 - 4:05pm
I'd echo the comments about

I'd echo the comments about OpenDNS. I switched over about two years ago, and the vast majority of our speed-related issues disappeared instantaneously.

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Time Warner hands out some

Time Warner hands out some lousy modems, and some good modems. You might ask to have them swap yours for a new one, and see if that helps. It helped me, tremendously. All my former connectivity and drop issues disappeared.

Melvin Udall
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OK; exactly what is

OK; exactly what is OpenDNS?

It is a third-party item that rides on your cable internet or DSL connection?

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Loads of problems with Time

Loads of problems with Time Warner...finally left....much happier now

Joined: 06/21/2008 - 4:05pm
OK; exactly what is

OK; exactly what is OpenDNS?

It is a third-party item that rides on your cable internet or DSL connection?

OpenDNS is a service that allows you to point your router's DNS calls to the OpenDNS Domain Name Servers, rather than using those provided by your ISP. Because the DNS servers at OpenDNS are not allied to any particular ISP, and are updated more frequently than most ISPs update their servers, using OpenDNS allows better speed.

There are also additional benefits to the free service, such as typo correct - www.google.cmo will still get you to Google, and content filtering.

Mike Lange
Joined: 12/26/2006 - 6:23am
I've had good service from

I've had good service from T-W, but it's just too damn expensive. My formerly free HD is now costing me another $7 a month and I rarely watch 75 percent of the digital channels. I'm about to dump it all for TDS once they can find a way to get a dish sited on my property. I've got huge spruce trees to deal with, and I'm not about to have them cut down for TV service.

My only experience with Fairpoint was with friends in Greenville, and I was not impressed with the speed of their DSL.

Robert Reed
Joined: 11/08/2007 - 1:53pm
Mike, check your PM's there

Mike, check your PM's there is a cost efficient alternative...seriously, and I'm not a salesman, just a guy who figured it out.

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So? What are the rest of us,

So? What are the rest of us, chopped liver? (to quote my Uncle Mervin). We don't get to know?

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I have had Time Warner since

I have had Time Warner since I moved into my apartment two years ago. I have been happy with them ever since. Every Call has been friendly and have had quick service. I have had few if any outages, except on some occasions, even those don't last long. I am very satisfied for what I am paying for.

Joined: 05/15/2001 - 12:01am
I have Fairpoint for dial-up.

I have Fairpoint for dial-up. Download of photos take as much as a half hour and videos are just out of the question.
It takes a half hout to see a 3 minute video. If you are trying to use Time Warner for both computer and phone ; make sure you have them give you a separate modem for each. It DOES make a difference.

Joined: 01/14/2011 - 12:21pm
I have had TW for years, and

I have had TW for years, and while I've had no major issues, their cost increases have caused me to rethink my needs and I am dropping their phone service, maybe cable.

I have had to have the DVR replaced once, and I was not getting the HD channels as a result. I usually have to reset my modem once a month because my phone line drops out, but resetting it gets it back. And they said I could decrease my bill by dropping to 1.5Mb/sec speed, which I explained I was at already and have the Speed Tests to prove it. They dropped me down and I saw no change in any speed, so I was paying more for getting nothing extra, even though they claimed I was at the higher speed.

They have been OK to deal with, but their price increases have caused me to start parsing down my system. With summer coming on, I'm usually on the bicycle in the evenings, and am tired thereafter, so no need to pay high rates for something I'll seldom use. Otherwise their service has been fine.

Friends with FairPoint have complained a lot about dropped or spotty service, and their constant complaining made me glad I wasn't using them. I have a friend who works as a tech for FairPoint, and he diagnosed my girlfriends connection (she has FairPoint) after hours and determined it was a connection problem at the hub. When she called, she spent 1.5 hours on the phone with tech support, who kept insisting it was inside her house. They sent her modems, filters, and all manner of crazyness, but refused to admit, until the very end, the problem was theirs. She could not mention the name of the tech, because they're union and he could lose his job for looking at her system without the proper paperwork. Meanwhile it was literally 2 weeks before the problem was solved, and all it took was a switch flipped on their end.

If FairPoint were the only provider, like they are in her case, then I would use them, but otherwise I'd avoid FairPoint if I could.

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