Fake news about Mexico

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Fake news about Mexico

The wife and I have visited Mexico at least a dozen times since 1999 - most recently last month for a month long motorcycle tour. Folks hearing about our travel plans worried that Mexicans might be upset about the wall or Donald Trump. We found that not to be true at all.
Mexicans we spoke with didn't mention the wall, and if they brought up President Trump they all found something positive to say about him - for example his business skills. Mexicans, upon learning we were Americans (most tourists wherever we went were from Canada) were as kind and welcoming as they always have been in prior visits.
The other media lie is that Mexicans want to come to the United States to live permanently. I've never met a Mexican who wanted to emigrate to the United States. Many males do go north to work for a period of time - they send money back to their families in Mexico. The myth is that Mexicans are envious of our lifestyles - again, I've never found that to be true. Mexicans are different than what we've become as a society; families there are closer - there are few daycare centers or nursing homes. Life is a series celebrations - music, parties, even what we've largely abandoned - family picnics.
Although there's an ever present police and military presence in Mexico, I feel freer in Mexico than I do in the land of the free. Mexicans do as well; not just border patrol issues, but everyday life is less structured. As a cab driver pointed out (as we drove through heavy traffic he was thumbing through phone pictures to show us) - he worked in Saskatchewan recently - loved the money but not the lifestyle. "it's more relaxed here".
Certainly, Mexicans do come to live in the US - but the Mexicans we meet or have met are happy where they are - and they don't hate Americans.