February School Reform News:

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February School Reform News:

Obama Presses for Race-Based Vouchers in Louisiana

The February issue of School Reform News reports on the Obama administration’s continued efforts to monitor the state of Louisiana’s voucher program to assess whether the program alters the skin-color ratios of students enrolled in public schools. Gov. Bobby Jindal said the feds could “regulate the program to death.”
Also in this issue:
School choice proponents hope a new Arkansas charter school will preface even more options for families once lawmakers reconvene in 2015.
A North Carolina sixth-grader opts out of state tests because she’s against Common Core.
Kansans revive an attempt to reconsider national curriculum standards.
Parent opposition has shrunk an education organization that stores and disseminates kids’ personal data.
New York and California schools roll out apps to help children run their sex lives without their parents’ knowledge or supervision.
A Missouri teacher starts a nonprofit organization to improve literacy among parents and children.
Literacy scholar Patrick Herrera explains why so many children struggle to read.
The full text of the issue is available online in Adobe Acrobat’s PDF format: February 2014 School Reform News.
All issues of School Reform News are archived here: School Reform News archive.