Frary: Paul LePage & The Rubber Stamps

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Paul LePage & The Rubber Stamps
Mon, 12/17/2012 - 4:48am

I feel it’s my duty as a professional, habitual and incurable historian to remember things

So I remember that in July 2012 the Maine Democratic Party began running television and direct-mail ads Thursday attacking Sens. Garrett Mason, Lisbon Falls; Tom Martin, Waterville area; Nichi Farnham, Bangor; Chris Rector, Thomaston; and Lois Snowe-Mello, Poland as Paul LePage’s enablers and, by implication, servants of greedy insurance companies.

I also remember from the previous year that Farnham, Rector and Martin co-signed a letter written by senators Katz and Langley criticizing LePage for saying mean things about liberals. Greg Kesich, the PPH editor, was so pleased with the letter that the excitedly announced that “the LePage era is over.”

Does anyone know if Kesich wrote an editorial criticizing the Democrats for affixing the rubberstamp label to the senators he praised a year earlier for ending the LePage era?

A couple of quotes from that letter.

“We are not the enemy of labor and labor is certainly not an enemy to us.”

“As Republican Senators we refuse to question the motivation, intelligence or humanity of those with whom we disagree. We pledge to treat our fellow legislators with dignity and respect even as we engage in vigorous and passionate debate.”

The first quote is especially notable since “labor” has since turned out to be an enemy of Rep. Terry Hayes.

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