FreedomWorks Endorses Poliquin

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FreedomWorks Endorses Poliquin
Mon, 09/30/2013 - 8:34am
Posted by The Maine Conservative Voice

Matt Kibbe, President of FreedomWorks, recently announced that his organization has endorsed former State Treasurer, Bruce Poliquin, for U.S. Representative in Maine’s 2nd District. Mike Michaud has vacated the seat in his quest to be Governor of the State of Maine. FreedomWorks joins a growing chorus of conservative voices, who have stepped forward to publicly support Bruce Poliquin’s candidacy.

In making his announcement, Kibbe states, “Bruce Poliquin, a successful businessman and proven conservative leader, is just the kind of man we need in Congress. With an education in economics and more than 30 years in the financial industry, his insights into how to fix a failing economy will be an asset from day one.”

Kibbe continues, “Poliquin has a track record of putting his common sense fiscal principles to work. As State Treasurer for Maine, he took on the debt-ridden pension system that was wasting money and hurting its pensioners and turned it around. He saved the state 1.7 billion dollars and put the system on solid footing. Results matter and Bruce Poliquin is a leader that can deliver, and has delivered. The voters have an easy choice. Bruce Poliquin is the only candidate in this race who will lead the charge and help fix our fiscal house in Washington, D.C.”

As Poliquin’s momentum continues to build, many within the State view his record as a State Treasure as evidence that he can withstand the pressure of beltway insiders in Washington and take a principled stand against bureaucracy alongside Ted Cruz , Mike Lee and other fiscal conservatives in the U.S. Congress.

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