Global warming multi-billion $ industry - and growing

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Tom C
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Global warming multi-billion $ industry - and growing

[url=,2933,251458,00.html]Folks who challenge the mainstream media and popular culture are subjected to some of the nastiest insults and character assassinations. And such retribution is nowhere more severe than for those who take issue with popular views about global warming.[/url]

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Global warming multi-billion $ industry - and growing

This is a story that needs telling. The faith smashes heretics by noting their financial connections (as they cannot smash the science, no one understands it). The pretend that their priests are all selfless and pure while all the other sides priests are wrong and evil.

What they do not note is that the folk being paid by governments, non profits and ecology groups like the Sierra Club, all seem to produce reports that support Global warming just like those that are funded by energy companies tend to produce reports critical of the idea.

GW Rudmin
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Global warming multi-billion $ industry - and growing

[url=]Science and Politics Fighting to the Death[/url]

[quote]...mainstream media’s latest campaign is to stampede Americans into accepting higher taxes and rigid restrictions. Government and private studies have both calculated the Kyoto Protocol could cost the US $348 billion by 2012, would destroy 1.3 million jobs, and “substantially affect” standards of living. The Department of Energy estimated that Kyoto would cause gas prices to rise by 52%, and electricity by 86%. In fact, the Administration has already been spending >6 billion/yr on the promotion of technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


Ross Lemon
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Global warming multi-billion $ industry - and growing

I have got to find a way to profit off this Global Warming Scam! or come up with my own fear campaign and feed it to the media.

Entrepreneur at work, do not disturb.

Melvin Udall
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Global warming multi-billion $ industry - and growing

Shouldn't sump pumps be a growth industry?

And how many children will go hungry and cold because of those lost jobs and $350 Billion hit?

How many more, Mistah Speekah, how many more?

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The REAL reason behind

The REAL reason behind "global warming"....

From being a marginal and even mocked issue, climate-change litigation is fast emerging as a new frontier of law where some believe hundreds of billions of dollars are at stake.

Compensation for losses inflicted by man-made global warming would be jaw-dropping, a payout that would make tobacco and asbestos damages look like pocket money.

Can hear the lawyers panting loudly....

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