Governor Baldacci Creates Wind Power Task Force

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Governor Baldacci Creates Wind Power Task Force
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Editor's Note: Beware cutting

Editor's Note: Beware cutting deals with the feds. Rural community again takes it on the chin - or other body parts.
led: August 2, 2009 • Washington
Wildlife hinders wind farm strategy

Turbines not the obvious “winner” state initially thought

[T]he [Washington] Department/Natural Resources failed to consider whether allowing wind turbines on state land might conflict with the compact [Washington] made with the federal government...[to] minimize harm to threatened/endangered species.

State Sen. Hatfield, D-Raymond, represents a district hard-hit by restrictions on logging...follow[ing] the 1990 listing of the northern spotted owl.

“We are continually being told, ‘Stop what you are doing and start doing something else,’” he said.

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