Govt Interfering with Armed Service's Right to Worship

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Government is overstepping it's boundaries by interfering with members of the Armed Services right to worship.
Sun, 10/06/2013 - 7:34am
Posted by Blaine for Congress

While many citizens of Maine prepare to go to places of worship this morning, there are members of the Armed Services who can not practice their faith this morning because their clergy members are being threatened with arrest.

According the Archdiocese for Military Services, Catholic priests (who are paid by the federal government as independent contractors in places where there aren’t enough active-duty priests to meet the needs of Catholics in military service) during the shutdown are being forbidden from celebrating Mass, even on a volunteer basis.

If they violate this restriction, they face possible arrest.

Please let that sink in.

This very morning there will be many Catholics in the Armed Services who will not be able to practice their faith because their priest is being threatened with arrest if they celebrate the Mass.

This a clear violation of the First Amendment.

How much more of the Bill of Rights does the federal government think it can erode under the umbrella of this shutdown?

Please join me in supporting the First Amendment rights of these priests and the Catholic members of the active military to practice their faith without government interference.

Blaine Richardson, Captain USN/R-R

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