The Great Revolt

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The Great Revolt

Can the Blue Wall be rebuilt by a party that insists on continuing to insult the very people who once made up that wall?

The Guardian's bias shows in this piece with its claim that race is omitted from the book.

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Yes, the Blue Wall can be

Yes, the Blue Wall can be built because of the incredible number of people who would rather be Red than Dead or who would rather marry an Islamic Terrorist over a Republican, who swoon over Hillary the Loser and Bernie the Dim Wit...who think Che was a hero, love that Castor murderer, thinks that North Korea is quaint and lovely, thinsk we need more MS13 folk here, thinks the government owes them everything. They have metastasized across America and are seeping into your life, your children's thoughts, your schools, your government your very existence because, although they are stupid they are savvy and much stronger in their convictions than we are.

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