The Green View From Beijing: Grasscrete!

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The Green View From Beijing: Grasscrete!
May 26, 2007 7:05 PM PDT

The Green View From Beijing


Is it grass? Is it concrete? No, it's Grasscrete, an environmentally sustainable alternative paving system used to create footpaths while leaving room for greenery. It will be part of Olympic Forest Park in northern Beijing, a multimillion-dollar, 680-hectare space being built for next year's Olympic Games.
Cleaning up Beijing is a big undertaking.

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clean up

Speaking of cleaning up. A few years ago a company employee went to our plant in Chen du, China and the best source of a meal he found was at a small street vendor. The next day a chinese worker took him to see the vendor's source of food.
He took him to the dump where they scavenged foof from the garbage!

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The Green View From Beijing: Grasscrete!

Maybe the Chinese worker had a friend or relative who was also a food vendor and was trying to eliminate some competition?

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