Gunowners of America give Olympia an F

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Gunowners of America give Olympia an F

No problem at all Mr. Libby. No anxiety or discomfort on my part at all. I never read anything into your posts stating that you wanted to take anything from anyone. Just simple questions that you were searching for answers for. :)

It is very sad that the whole issue has become as muddy as it has. It should really be a clear as glass but the propaganda artists on the left have managed to scare the crap out of millions of people with something that doesn't even exist. Great planning on their part but pure hell for everyone else. It is very easy to see through their flawed arguments [b]IF[/b] ([i]and only if[/i]) you are well-versed in firearms which most people are not. That is where their amazing success in their disinformation campaign comes from.

I hope no one ever "comes to get you" and that you never have to spend any time in your "bunker" but I know of thousands of people who would create that situation in a millisecond and have publicly stated that they would confiscate everything firearm related if they could get away with it. [color=red]When it comes to threatening our personal freedoms one of the most dangerous people in America is our own Ethan Strimling D-So. Portland. He has already introduced legislation to "[b]Confiscate" legally owned firearms complete with provisions for their "Seizure" and "Forfeiture[/b]".[/color]

Education is our best weapon because the facts are on our side. Their lies are easily broken down but it takes lots of effort to bring the truth to people who only have a fleeting interest in firearms at best.

Bruce Libby
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Gunowners of America give Olympia an F

Big thank you for the discourse and you have hit it on the head
on E. Strimling! I believe not enough people are paying enough attention to this guy
as he is the true great white hope of Portland democrats. If JB is reelected this will become
more apparent as the second term goes forth.

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Gunowners of America give Olympia an F

November 2, 2006 6:02 AM

Second Thoughts
How will the upcoming elections affect gun rights?

By Dave Kopel

So here’s a rundown on the key races affecting Second Amendment rights, and where the candidates stand on the issue.

For federal races, there are two grades reported: first the NRA grade, then the grade from Gun Owners of America (GOA).

Governor: Chandler Woodcock (A) vs. *John Baldacci (C). Woodcock will need a big surge to win.

Senate: *Olympia Snowe (C+/F) vs. Jean Haybright (?/F). Snowe will win in a landslide.



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