Hiram Perry: About Politics

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Hiram Perry: About Politics

2/14/99Science Matters! (So Does Truth And Common Sense)
by Hiram Perry
About Politics"But he has done a pretty good job as President", a senior Democratic spokesman pointed out recently. And so many liberal air heads seem to agree with the statement. "Look at the prosperity we enjoy", so many liberals claim.And these same people then tell us; "times have never been better." Of course they are wrong, very wrong when they let Bill Clinton take credit for all of this. Forgotten is this entire debate is the very fact that prosperity starts at home. For several years now, 31 to 32 states, our most populous states have been governed by conservative Republican governors. New York, for instance, used to be a basket case. Now under Republican governor Pataki, there are 100,000 new jobs in the state. Look at Connecticut and New Jersey where prosperity reigns and then go to so many other states where the situation is the same.Contrast this with Maine where liberal governors (one a Republican) have reigned for so many decades. Today Maine citizens are burdened with some of the highest taxes in the nation, a situation that seems to go hand in hand when liberal politics reign.But Republicans do seem to stumble so many times, and particularly when it comes to putting their best foot forward. For instance, in the recent impeachment trial they allowed the Democrats to get away with this basic, very political message - "There is no bipartisanship here at all". That, of course, was a lie and the Democrats knew it was.Liberals have told this lie so often that I think the public believes it. Here are the facts. Any study of these proceedings show that the Republicans did control the House Judiciary Committee. This committee passed four articles of impeachment. But when the entire House voted on the articles, they threw out two. This could not have been done without votes from both sides of the aisle and of course that was a bipartisan initiative. Why hasn't the Republican leadership made points on this? I just shake my head at my party's ineptness in public relations.What was particularly shocking was to find, after the impeachment votes, that two busloads of Democrats went over to the White House to console Bill and Hillary. Some almost cried on Bill's shoulder, as they all told him what a wonderful guy he was. What poor taste! One wonders, however, how many would let one of their daughters serve as an intern in Bill's Oval Office. That is a good question to ask those who voted against Clinton's impeachment.Another disgusting defense devised by air head liberals was the way they continually reminded the public, particularly on TV, that all of this was just about sex, nothing else and that sex is a private matter. Here again liberals lied. The impeachment was about perjury and obstruction of justice. Of course perjury and obstruction of justice are high crimes.For anyone who thinks just a bit, adhering to the truth is at the very core of our civilization. Take a pound of butter; it must be sixteen ounces. Sign a contract to purchase a house or a car. You promise to do something, to carry out truths in the contract. Our families are based on a wedding contract. Breaking any one of these contracts and the penalty can be severe, as people discover when they break their contract. Bill Clinton made just such a contract when he was sworn in to the presidency. Forgive a man who breaks such a contract? Maybe, but it takes me quite awhile to forgive a habitual liar like Bill Clinton.Demeaning the office of the presidency is no little matter. Throughout my lifetime the United States has won respect around the world. Now there is a question. Can this continue?Hiram Perry, 6 Miles Rd., Newburgh, Maine 04444
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