Hiram Perry: Another Alarmist State from the Environmental A

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Hiram Perry: Another Alarmist State from the Environmental A

4/20/99Science Matters! (So Does Truth And Common Sense)
by Hiram Perry
Another Alarmist State from the Environmental Activists
I recently attended a hearing in Augusta where a main topic was PCBs and the great danger from PCBs and transformers.Solid science from the nation's top scientists on the subject prove that PCBs are not at all dangerous to humans. That's right! PCBs are not dangerous to humans. I will prove it!Dr. Bruce Ames, a molecular biologist at the University of California in Berkeley is one of the most respected scientists in the country. Known so well here, in Europe and in the Orient; his opinions, his research is not to be taken lightly. I've interviewed Ames.He points out that PCBs and DDT have the lowest carcinogen hazard rating. From the list of human exposures (see chart), note that PCBs in food are ranked 0.0002 (if eaten daily for a lifetime (70 years assumed). And DDT in food is ranked microscopically above PCBs at 0.0003.Other interesting facts came to light as one studies PCBs. Dr. Ames further reports that PCBs are 1/30th as hazardous as a child swimming in a pool for one hour per day; 1/20th as hazardous as drinking a 12 ounce bottle of coke; 1/3,000th as hazardous as breathing conventional home air 14 hours a day. He also says its about 1/14,000th as hazardous as drinking a 12 ounce can of beer. All of these being daily exposure for 70 years (assumed lifetime).In 1984 a PCB test on rats was continued for the lifespan of the rats and guess what? These rats lived longer and developed fewer cancers than a control group not fed PCBs.The same thing happened when the national Institute of Occupational Safety did four studies of workers exposed to PCBs and found that although they had high levels of PCBs in their blood, they had fewer cancer deaths and no more other illnesses than the rest of the population. Dr. Renata Kimbrough, a highly respect scientist, completed a fairly recent study of 7000 workers in the electrical industry, with 35 years of exposure to PCBs. She found that these workers had slightly fewer cancer deaths and no more other illness than the general public. They did, however, have higher PCB levels in their blood. No one should take Dr. Kimbrough's findings lightly. She is a physician, formerly with the Center for Disease Control, and probably the world's chief authority on PCBs.One theory, so common, is that PCBs disrupt all sorts of normal hormone functions, causes possible breast cancer and reproductive problems. This work was originally done at Tulane University. but it was later withdrawn by the authors when further research could not confirm their results.Dr. Stephen Safe at Texas A&M regards the hormone (endocrine) disrupter case against PCBs unproven, and implausible. Dr. Safe's work is so interesting. At Texas A&M he has perfected an analogue of dioxin (a very close cousin to PCBs; both are chlorine organics), which Texas A&M has patented. It promises to be a splendid treatment for breast cancer.In fact, in lab work, so often one is confused with the other. It apparently takes a skilled lab worker to detect DDT from dioxin or PCB.A Cornell bulletin, published in 1974, shows that the carrier for DDT spray was often PCBs, with a chlorine content as high as 68%. No wonder so many birds were killed by these early DDT sprays. Obviously, a spray with a chlorine content up that high would be deadly indeed. But normal PCB, without chlorine, is simply not dangerous, informed scientists know that.I like what my friend, Dr. Gerald Sirkin says on this whole subject of lies and groundless fears. "We should not despair: ignorance is curable." To which I add, "If those who are ignorant, want to learn."-----Chart

[color="#000080"]Hazard Ranking
[color="#000080"]Daily Human
Exposure Over A Lifetime

[color="#000080"]1 Phenobartial
Sleeping Tablet

(9 tablets)

(factory worker)

[color="#000080"]Wine (25 litre)

[color="#000080"]Beer (12

[color="#000080"]Mobile home air
(14 hours)

home air (14 hours)

[color="#000080"]Basil (1 gram,

[color="#000080"]Mushroom (1
Aparicus Biaporus)

[color="#000080"]Brown Mustard
(5 grams)

[color="#000080"]Diet Cola (12

[color="#000080"]Peanut Butter
(1 sandwich)

[color="#000080"]Swimming pool
water (1 hour for child)

[color="#000080"]Bacon (100
grams cooked)

[color="#000080"]Silicon Valley
well water (1 litre)

[color="#000080"]Sake (.25

[color="#000080"]Average U.S.
tap water (1 litre)

[color="#000080"]Alar (apples
and other sources)

[color="#000080"]EDB (grains and
grain products)

[color="#000080"]DDE/DDT (in

[color="#000080"]PCBs (in food)

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