Hiram Perry: Global Warming

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Hiram Perry: Global Warming

11/15/98Science Matters! (So Does Truth And Common Sense)
by Hiram Perry
Global Warming
So you think global warming is a fact - that humans and our civilization are the main cause? That we are all in danger?I've got news for you! You are wrong and those in the White House and the DEP and our state planning office are also dead wrong! There is no global warming - although one must admit that here and there the weather is changing, some areas warmer, others cooler.However, when you are talking and writing about the earth's temperatures, one must keep in mind that accurate temperature readings of the earth are less than 20 years old. That's right; some 19 1/2 years ago we put up satellites that to give us quite accurate readings of Mother Earth's temperature. And guess what they report! A very slight cooling, .0009 centigrade. Now that's not enough to even notice, not any warming. Sure, we have temperature records in places like Japan, England and the United States, (and other areas) that go back decades, many decades. But they are not worldwide records; they only tell us what the temperatures have been in those areas for those decades. Our satellite data is the only accurate worldwide temperature readings that we have.At the very core of the great global warming scare, is the belief that "humans and their civilization are ruining Mother Earth". To those who know a bit of science and have a lot of common sense, that simply isn't true.Let's go to those forests we all love. Before mankind started to manage those forests, Mother Nature used to ruin them with vast forest fires. Just imagine when lightening started a forest fire, centuries ago. Of course, no one was around to fight that fire. Millions of acres were burned and not until the fire reached a river, a large lake or the salt water, did it put it die. No wonder early explorers found hundreds of acres of cleared land right here in New England. Forest fires, repeated over a century or so clear-cut the forests. Today, at least in the Northeast, we control forest fires. It can be done, and we humans do it rather well in most instances.Just the other day I read about how CO2 (carbon dioxide) was such a pollutant. That writer didn't know a very simple fact. It's true humans don't use CO2, but it is also true that CO2 is the very breath of life for humans and animals. All plant food, including forests and the vegetation we use for food and fiber, require CO2 for growth, and in turn plants produce the oxygen we need for our very life. CO2 a pollutant? Such a remark only reveals the lack of knowledge on the part of that writer.Those that tell us about the dangers of global warming, also tell us that CO2 is the major greenhouse gas. Here too they are dead wrong. Moisture is the chief greenhouse gas. By comparison, CO2 is a very minor gas. A study of CO2 science shows that man may add about 7 billion tons of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere each year. At the same time (one year) we're told Mother Nature adds about 200 billion tons from natural sources. Obviously, humans produce a small amount of the CO2 found in the atmosphere. No need to worry about CO2!To sum up, highly reputable worldwide studies show us the earth isn't warming. And other studies show us that natural sources of CO2 overwhelm those sources that are created by we humans. It all adds up to the fact that we're in no danger from global warming!Once again, the EPA, our own DEP and the planning office in Augusta, are wrong, dead wrong!!Hiram Perry writes on environmental, agricultural and other scientific topics for various Maine publications. Contact Hiram Perry by phone (234-2790) or email perry@uninets.net

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US physics professor: 'Global

US physics professor: 'Global warming is the greatest and most successful pseudoscientific fraud I have seen in my long life'
Anthony Watts describes it thus: This is an important moment in science history. I would describe it as a letter on the scale of Martin Luther, nailing his 95 theses to the Wittenburg church door. It is worthy of repeating this letter in entirety on every blog that discusses science.


What an indictment!

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