Hiram Perry: Global Warming Initiative

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Hiram Perry: Global Warming Initiative

9/27/98Science Matters! (So Does Truth And Common Sense)
by Hiram Perry
Global Warming InitiativeSo you still think there is something to the global warming initiative! You are still convinced that our way of life, our industries, our cars, our very way of life will cause global warming!A warning - don't be too sure. I've interviewed a number of scientists, two of them sit on the UN's International panel (IPCC stands for International Panel on Climate Change). They both agree and this statement pretty much expresses their opinion on the subject. "The IPCC claim that global warming will be catastrophic is simply not supported by scientific evidence".Some 15,000 other scientists agree, saying "We urge the U.S. Government to reject the global warming agreement that was written in Kyoto, Japan earlier this year. The proposed limits on greenhouse gases will harm the environment,hinder the advance of science and technology and damage the health and welfare of mankind". And there is their opinion...."There is no convincing scientific evidence that human release of carbon dioxide, methane or other greenhouse gases is causing or will cause, in the foreseeable future, any catastrophic warming of the Earth's atmosphere and climate. Moreover, there is substantial scientific evidence that increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide produce many beneficial effects upon the natural plant and animal environments of the Earth".These scientists hold advanced degrees in the pertinent scientific fields of atmospheric physics, meteorology, oceanography, geology, agriculture and in relevant engineering specialties. Some of the signers actually participated in the IPCC's work which clearly demonstrates the absence of a "consensus" among the IPCC scientists. These 15,000 scientists are not organized around a political agenda."But 1998 may well turn out to be the warmest year on record!" a friend told me. "Doesn't that confirm global warming?"No, it doesn't; long term trends aren't proven by what happens in one year. It's true, however, that 1998 may well prove to be one of the hottest years in some time.It seems that this may well be caused by unusual sun activity from solar flares. The highest global temperatures ever recorded by our satellites seem to relate directly to solar flares, according to Dr. Arthur Poland at the Goddard Space Center.CNN (not the best source in science reporting) told us on April 8th of this year that these solar flares, this sun activity, has been "the likes of which scientists have not seen before". This time CNN is correct.Temperatures on earth are affected by sun activity, according to Dr. Arthur Robinson at the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine, who points out, "It is clear that even relatively short, half century long fluctuations in temperatures correlated well with variations in solar activity".Of course this great global warming debate is based on a possible increase in worldwide carbon dioxide increase. In turn, alarmists tell us that CO2 is our chief greenhouse gas.Wrong again. Moisture is the chief greenhouse gas by far. Any warming increases the amount of moisture in the air, increases cloud cover and, in all probability, will increase rainfall and snowfall.We've had periods on Mother Earth, when CO2 has increased or decreased. Our atmospheric CO2 content has never been stable, as one discovers in any longtime study. For instance, in the 18th century, concentrations of CO2 were much lower than current levels. That period was known as the "little ice age".Students of global warming really seem to believe increased warming will cause glaciers and ice caps to melt, causing oceans to rise and flooding huge coastal areas. "This flooding will be a major catastrophe to mankind", they tell us.Not true. Should there be any warming in Arctic areas, there will be more snowfall and consequently the ice caps and the glaciers will be heavier. Why? In Arctic regions where temperatures are usually well below freezing, a warming, say from zero to +10 or +15 degrees will certainly increase snowfall, the depth of the ice caps, and more glaciers.Is there another agenda here by these enthusiastic environmentalists? Almost certainly! These people want smaller cars, more bus and train travel and segregated communities. They want to have us live in clustered villages. Then one can easily take buses to town. . .so I've been told. Those who live out in the country will be taxed higher.In every environmental initiative I've studied over some 29 years, such 'command and control' authority is usually sought. This global warming initiative seeks just such authority!Hiram Perry writes on environmental, agricultural and other scientific topics for various Maine publications. Contact Hiram Perry by phone (234-2790) or email perry@uninets.net

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Nice post!
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It is now clear that

It is now clear that initiatives to prevent climate change are started, but most importantly these initiatives must be continuous, sustainable, and every individual of all countries will need to contribute to prevent climate change.

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