Hiram Perry: Global Warming & Other Things

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Hiram Perry: Global Warming & Other Things

1/2/99Science Matters! (So Does Truth And Common Sense)
by Hiram Perry
Global Warming & Other Things
It seems that liberal environmentalists in Maine never stop their 'command & control' tactics. I'm amused, though I cannot laugh about it when the gung-ho environmentalists in Augusta brag about "Maine leads the nation!" What makes it sad is that they are pretty near right; Maine does lead in having the highest taxes and some of the lowest national incomes.Now comes the great desire by the governor and the 'greens' to lead in adopting the Kyoto global warming treaty. Yes, that's right; the liberals in Augusta want to adopt all the restrictive provisions of Al Gore's global
warming initiative - even though the best science minds in the country tell us it won't work; it's not essential and that the best science shows us the planet is cooling a tiny bit.By any measure, those zealots in Augusta and Orono will certainly accomplish two things dear to their hearts - higher taxes and more 'command & control' over our property rights, plus a somewhat new and novel idea for all Mainiacs. Those 'green' zealots want you to have smaller lawns, much smaller lawns (mowing lawns, they say, produces emission gases (like carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and ozone). You must plant more trees on your lawn, have more bushes and shrubs.I am continually amazed how little these people know about plant agronomy and common sense. Such a move to create wooded areas and no lawns, will certainly increase fire danger, probably hike your fire insurance rates materially. That's what this summer's fires in Florida and southern California taught us. When these fires do occur, those homes in forested, bushy areas have burned first. That doesn't occur when lawns and meadows abound. Trees, particularly conifers,. burn easily during times of severe draught, almost like torches. Reduce lawns, increase trees and brush and wild fires will occur and there will be severe fires.In their 66 page draft, entitled "State of Maine Climate Change Action Plan", their committee of 19 people, the majority government employees, detail everything they think ought to be done. Errors abound, of course.For instance, on page 5, there is this sentence, "the root of the problem is that human activities have altered the balance of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, so that we now face the risk of rapid global warming and climate changes that may threaten important features of our ecological economies and social systems".Honest science simply doesn't back this concept. Elsewhere I read about how CO2 is a pollutant. It certainly is regarded as a pollutant by so many 'climate change advocates'. Actually CO2 is the very breath of life for humans and animals. It is essential for plant life which in turn produces the oxygen and the food we need for life.Such ideas backed by huge amounts of money are used to generate fear. My 20 years of study on the environmental movement nationally and internationally, show that the environmentalist use fear effectively and efficiently, whether it is a Maine or a Washington program. And those 20 years have taught me, please
trust me, that these liberal 'greens' are usually wrong. And that statement includes the EPA programs from acid rain to Alar, to dioxin, and now global warming.Temperatures change around the world, and some changes last considerable lengths of time. For instance, going back 40 years in Connecticut, I recall temperatures as low as -20 degrees. The area I formerly lived in, from Bridgeport to Hartford, hasn't seen cold weather like that for many years. On the other hand, orange plantations were once common in Georgia. Now oranges can't be successfully raised much north of Orlando, Florida, about 175 miles south of southern Georgia. It's cooled that much in these southern states.Obviously, if we have an Arctic warming of several degrees, there will be no melting; to the contrary, there will be more snowfall and thicker ice caps. Why? Slight warming in any Arctic region will create more snowfall; any high school science student knows that.I like what Dr. Dixy Lee Ray wrote on global warming "Should we worry about global warming? Best that we clear away real uncertainties before we devote resources to a phenomenon that may exist only in computer simulations." Today we know that thousands of honest scientists will agree global warming has not been proven; it very likely is not occurring and it certainly is no fact.Hiram Perry writes on environmental, agricultural and other scientific topics for various Maine publications. Contact Hiram Perry by phone (234-2790) or email perry@uninets.net