Hiram Perry: Lying: An Impeachable Offense

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Hiram Perry: Lying: An Impeachable Offense

11/25/98Science Matters! (So Does Truth And Common Sense)
by Hiram Perry
Lying: An Impeachable Offense
No doubt about it, lying is an impeachable offense. It heads my list of high crimes and misdemeanors. Any civilian caught lying in a Federal court, after we've raised our right hand and promised to tell the truth, may easily leads to jail for five years. Is Bill Clinton above the law? No, no, no.Our civilization is based on telling the truth. It has been for at least 200 years. Humans living together in an honest state, or nation, depend on the truth. Promises, guarantees, contracts, the law itself, measures, guarantees, all depend on the truth. It's the essence of our life. In a real sense, truth makes life worth living. Without truth, chaos would prevail and it often prevails when lies are told, when lies prevail.Our families are based on a wedding contract ". .until death do us part." Sure, many breach this contract, but at a great cost to themselves and unfortunately their children, and their wallets. We make no less a contract with our president and our governor, our mayor, and of course, our Congressmen. It's obvious, however, that many in Congress often take these contracts lightly. This must not continue.Sure, now and than, amongst our friends and relatives, we can find some who trespass on the truth in relatively inconsequential matters. And of course, some serious matters.But for the President of these United States to stand before a court, or before a TV screen, and swear to tell the truth? Give us a break! Bill Clinton needs to be punished; impeached first, then punished. Imagine yourself in the military - your life may be at stake in a plane, on the ground, on a ship, ready to serve a Commander-of-Chief who is an admitted liar, who plays fast and lose with the truth, even before a grand jury. Pretty bad, isn't it? Yet, we have a host of Congressmen in both houses of our government who say perjury and lying are not a high crime or treason. Of course, it's both! Can't you get the point? Lying by a CEO, or a governor,or a president is a high crime and misdemeanor, no doubt at all.Is Bill Clinton the first man in high office to lie? Probably not. To perjure himself? He may be. Congressmen have a job to bring this sort of terrible misconduct to an end - to send a message to future presidents, to themselves, that we all regard lying in office as a high crime and a misdemeanor.To find that so many Congressmen do not agree with this assessment is indeed a reflection on the integrity of Congressmen in general. That's not only a sad commentary, it shows us that many a congressperson does not have the integrity needed. That's a shame! Here's a real opportunity for the Congress! Impeach Bill Clinton as a perjurer and a liar and you will send a message to all junior and senior government officials that lying will not be tolerated. Then we will have a better country at every level!Hiram Perry writes on environmental, agricultural and other scientific topics for various Maine publications. Contact Hiram Perry by phone (234-2790) or email perry@uninets.net