Hiram Perry: Open Letter to U.S. Senator Susan Collins

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Hiram Perry: Open Letter to U.S. Senator Susan Collins

April 27, 2001 U,S, Senator Susan M. Collins172 Russell Senate Office Bldg.Washington, D.C. 20510 Dear Susan:Your willingness to oppose President Bush's initiatives on global warming and the need to drill for oil in Anwar in Alaska, disturbs me.First off, we are all Republicans and for the first time in decades we have control of the House, the Senate and the White House. We do, that is, if Congressional members, like yourself, will unite behind President Bush's splendid initiatives. Why vote Republican only to have a strong Republican like yourself, join the opposition?My entire educational experience tells me that CO2 is not a greenhouse gas. It is instead a wonderfully beneficial plant food. Your position on CO2 is very much in error.And your position on drilling for oil in Anwar, Alaska, is also very much in error. I've interviewed wildlife people in Alaska. I've got a 25-year census of the caribou heads in that ares. I see no danger to wildlife. A Maine friend, with years in Alaska, agrees. He too is a Republican.As I close, I will add that you are often, it seems, ill advised on environmental matters and some voting initiatives. That shouldn't have to happen.Respectfully,Hiram Perrycc: Olympia SnoweHenry JoyKathy WatsonScott Fish