Hiram Perry: "Poor Science And Common Sense"

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Hiram Perry: "Poor Science And Common Sense"

9/22/2000Science Matters! (So Does Truth And Common Sense)
by Hiram Perry
  "Poor Science And Common Sense"For those of you who read this column, time and again you will find I write often on "Poor Science" at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). But let's make it plain right now - poor science at the EPA doesn't mean EPA scientists are incompetent. Far from it. Many are very knowledgeable, but caught in a system led by 'political hacks'. Many of these hacks don't hesitate to change science to suit their own political initiatives.The EPA, by law, must have every new environmental initiative reviewed by independent, respected scientists, before they can enact and regulate environmental initiatives. But when these science boards reject EPA science proposals, EPA leadership usually ignores them and goes on to establish their own regulations. Does this sound fantastic to you? Maybe, but it has happened time and time again. Here I can easily cite three instances: Acid Rain (a half-billion dollar study ignored); Dioxin Rulings (rejected by 39 scientists); Ozone and Particulate Matter (rejected by 21 scientists).I am sure that many, many EPA scientists are very competent people, caught in a political web. The honest, courageous ones rebel and possibly stand to lose a good job. Others go along with the headaches and lose their personal esteem. In the EPA, and I am sure, many state Department of Environmental Protection, it is not the scientists that are so wrong. It's the political architects ruling the EPA who are the great problem.For example, let's review what we know about the global warming debate today.First, we know it is politically inspired and almost certainly it is a land and population control measure. Honest scientists tell me that any warming may be only a half degree F. and that there is every possibility that in many areas, a very slight cooling is taking place. We know that in some areas of the United States, frost dates have been creeping south. We know too that it is impossible to raise oranges much north of Orlando, Florida, many, many miles south of Georgia where oranges were once grown successfully.Mixing science with politics as Carol Browner, EPA Administrator and her boss, Al Gore, continually do, is a technique taught more than 50 years ago by Hitler's propaganda minister, Joseph Gobbels. In those day he was the master of political lying. Today the leaders of the environmental movement excel in lying. As Bob Voight of Lubec has pointed out so often, "The Greens are masters of their technique and they use it time and again at all levels of society and government."The truly sad thing today is that these liars - from Washington to Augusta - have become so accustomed to these techniques that I am sure some don't realize when they are lying.Contact Hiram Perry by phone (234-2790) or email perry@uninets.net