I Love a Parade

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I Love a Parade

The douch-bags Democrat/Liberals and others are having mind cramps, spewing irate spittle and and displaying massive ignorance on Trumps mention of a military parade. Why our eunuch Republicans don't blast the following out to those few Americans who are not Socialist/Communist twits is beyond me...

This from the Washington Times:

With an exasperated shudder, Michael J. Knowles, managing editor of the Daily Wire, recalls that in 2014, none other than Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer called for a jumbo ticker tape parade dedicated to troops returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, complete with brass bands and flyovers. Even New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio supported the “The Canyon of Heroes” — their name for the event.

“I stand with Sen. Schumer in his call for a parade to honor our veteran heroes, and New York City would be proud to host this important event,” Mr. DeBlasio said at the time.

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Watcher’s too stupid to tell

Watcher’s too stupid to tell the difference between the two proposals.

Melvin Udall
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Must be he was mentored by

Must be he was mentored by someone from muttsy's gene pool, who know only how to critique, rather than inform. And they are all stooped; you can tell when you see them walking.

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