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I smell socialized healthcare...

No question about it, in my opinion. Hillary failed in her first attempt to get it on a national level--but she will be back. Meanwhile Baldi thinks he can pull it off up here in ME.

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I smell socialized healthcare...

Hillary couldn't get this crap through a Dem-controlled Congress,
but that hasn't stopped the Maine Democrats!

The liberals have always wanted a state-run, genuine [i]commie-issue, [/i]
Single-Payer Health System. It spreads the misery around, is "free"
to their supporters; turns 1/7 of the economy into govt-union jobs...
and it's all paid for by "the RICH!" What could be better?

Their step-by-step plans to destroy private insurance in Maine include:

Loading more mandates into health policies;
Imposing guaranteed-issue laws;
Covering some 20%+ of Maine people with Medicaid;
Executive order gag-rule to protect "eligibility" of illegal immigrants;
Spending on Dirigo;
MORE spending on Dirigo;
Taxing Private Insurance to fund Dirigo;
Claiming the success and "savings of Dirigo...

[i][b]And when it all comes crashing down - the liberals
will step in with Single-Payer to "save" us from
the evil insurance companies![/b][/i]

[size=24][b][i]Just Watch! [/i][/b][/size]

[size=18][b]MAINE: [i]What Happens When You Re-Elect Liberals![/i][/b][/size]

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